A little souvenir from Key West

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When I was in Miami last November, I took a tour bus down to Key West. Saw quite a few cigar stores as I wandered around, and finally went in to one to have a bit of a sticky beak. Came across these cigars and picked them up as a lark. Anybody ever been crazy enough to try on of these?


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1 hour ago, Warren said:

So did it taste like key lime pie? My Wife used to make that all the time. Yumm.

Haven't tried one yet, but it does smell like Key Limes.

1 hour ago, CaptainQuintero said:

Did you get a chance to sample any of the custom rolls from around there? I've never been but apparently there are lots of hidden gems and old rollers etc

Unfortunately, no. Didn't know what to get and I was short on time.

11 minutes ago, Colt45 said:

Thought for sure Fuzz'd be showing off a belly button ring........

Only a select few get to see that! :P

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On ‎2‎/‎9‎/‎2017 at 11:40 PM, MrGlass said:

I picked up some Hulagirl flavoured mini cigars as a laugh for my brother on my last trip to Guam.  They were absolutely terrible.  Hopefully you have more luck with yours.

I heard that Bill Clinton tried to get a Hulagirl flavored cigar but couldn't find one. That's when he invented the Monica flavored cigar. Very smart man that Bill.

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