Spades of cream?

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Cream flavor is one of my favorites. Which cc has spades of cream as the core flavor?

The ones I've had so far which are somewhat creamy:

  • monte 4
  • monte 5
  • hdm epi 1

Question 2: does cream flavor increase with age (3 to 5 years)?

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38 minutes ago, Brandon said:

Pour a glass of heavy cream to drink. Every cigar will have a creamy profile.

....And if you follow this advice make sure to update your will!  :D  

Epi 2s and Especial for sure, Aged Partagas like @CaptainQuintero said above.  I also find CORO to have cream elements most of the time.  

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definitely the epi 2's upmann #2's

6 hours ago, Hutch said:

In keeping with Smallclub's assertion, I get that effect with much of the Hoyo line and quite a few Por Laranagas. I also get it from many other cigars after 10+ years of a creamy "cheese" kind of way.

agree 100% I found cigars over 10 years developing a creamy flavor didn't realize existed at the 2-4 year level and cream flavor is one my favorite flavors hence the reason why I aged most of my boxes over the 10 year period ( among other reasons as well)

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I'm not sure I really find cream a core element of any cigar, but the first that came to mind were the Hoyo DC and Churchill. For me the flavor leans on the sour cream / condensed milk side. Another is Montecristo, in general across the board, but I find these more on the coffee with some cream side.

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It has been debated here before: cream is not a flavor, it's a texture. Take a good Hoyo and a good Montecristo: their taste is completely different but both offer that nice texture/coating/mouth feel.

Cream certainly is a flavour (a group of flavours actually).

I agree "cream" is also part of the cigar nomenclature for texture/coating/mouth feel.

Further to OP's question i have experienced cream in hoyos, trinidad, cohiba and aged partis.

Totally agree with all above that age increases cream profile.

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If you're implying sweet cream, cream soda, whipped cream...

Then the Epi Especial is the creamiest imo. And in general, HDM is sweet cream heavy.

When I smoke a RA Superiores, I feel like I'm smoking cream soda. There's a light pepper taste that kinda mimics the effervescent of soda.

A good CORO has a grassy, honey-cream to me. Those with darker wrappers also impart a sweet coffee.

Cream as texture can apply to a lot of CCs. It's that rich, velvety feel in the mouth. That list would be a lot longer.

Funny, I'm not a huge fan of young Partagas. But aged? Man, there is something special about them. I think they exemplify cream when texture is the topic

Some folks here have very evolved palates and can pick up many more nuances in various CCs

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Another vote for HDM Epi. Especial for the King of Cream. There's even a crown on the band!

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