Fonseca No 1, unknown box code: Discontinued Cigar Reviews Weekend

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It's a real shame to see these go.  Nothing better on the golf course, in my opinion.  Just the right size for nine holes, tastes great, but nothing you're worried about missing out on if you don't pay full attention, and as a bonus, the price is such that you don't flip your stack if your clumsy buddy accidentally steps on it around the putting green. 

Appearance--rugged.  The color of the wrapper is a shade of dark coffee--almost maduro.  The wrapper leaf is veiny, but not unpleasant.

The flavors are straightforward earth, leather, coffee, intermingling in waves.  I was not paying too much attention as I was out for a brisk 9 holes of golf on an unseasonably warm January day in Colorado.  You take your gifts where you can find them in life, and this cigar was one of them.  One of the best "cheap and cheerful" values for the size and quality.  Construction is pretty good for an inexpensive cigar.  I only had to relight this one once, and that was after spending too much time walking around looking for a friend's golfball off the green.  I will be sad to see this one go--I've been trying to find a few boxes on some of the old usual suspect websites, but to no avail as of yet.  This was the last one out of an unknown box, sitting in the singles drawer of my end table.


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      IMHO, the one we should make the greatest Lamentations of the discontinuance of is the Invictos. MAN, I miss that Fonseca smoke!  :frown:

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