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Hello All,

New to the forum, I thought I would introduce myself..My name is Manny from Chicago. To break the ice (I am a teacher for secondary "high school") so we do ice breakers, I thought I would post my favorite stick...

My Favorite Habano is a Montecristo 2

What'a yours!? Make and model :)



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Welcome Manny, Montecristo #2 of certain years are quite delectable, but with so many great tasting cigars it's hard to narrow down to one or 5...lol

What part of Chicago? I reside in the Northwest suburbs of Chicago, Hoffman Estates specifically. 

Either way welcome!

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@TheMonk thanks for narrowing it down. I just got a 10 pack of Mag 50's that I am going to let sit for a while. I can't wait. I think they are from '14.

@alozano87 I had some wonderful Monte's more recently. I should have said what are your favorites at the moment. 

I reside on the South Side of the city. South Chicago is the neighborhood. Thanks for the welcome! Have you found a smokers lounge that you enjoy in or around the city? I have had no luck.

Thanks for the responses,


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You know I've been wanting to at least stop at Biggs Mansion to check the place out, but I think it's a ritzier place and I may not feel comfortable rubbing elbows with the elite of Chicago lol! Looks like a cool place though. I don't frequent too many places, there's one by my house that is relatively quiet and friendly. I've actually been kicking around the idea of making a "man cave" style shed, with half of it storage and the other half finished, insulated and  heated/cooled just to hang out because the wife is not too keen on the cigar smoke. Anyways just a thought at the moment.

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@alozano87 it's all good. I never had an E#2, I must add it to the list.

lol you know as a lowly southsider ritzy is not usually where I am either. It does sound like a cool place to check out at least once though.

I am a newlywed (November 19, 2016 is still newly wed right) well I am starting to build my own man cave/smoke room/entertainment spot since we just moved into the house. It is a work in progress. My wife will make me get an air purifier soon enough, I can feel it!


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Chicago aint so far away greetings. Glad you found FOH. My current attainable favorite is the H. Upmann Magnum 46. All time favorite is the Por Laranaga Asia Pacifico (torpedo)

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