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  1. I'm so excited... and I just...cant. hide. it. -M
  2. Chicagoans Unite! I love on the south side myself, my grandparents are from Michoacán. welcome fellow newbie! -M
  3. MannyFresh

    New to this

    I was just lurking and saw this...GO HAWKS!!!
  4. This, plus a Mexican Coke with real sugar. Glass bottles make it taste better! -M
  5. The pictures have me swooning! *Orders more boxes* -M
  6. @Bohn007 & @BEVOSREVENGE Let me know when and where, we can make this happen. Negative dregree windchill can't be good for habanos, but where there's a will there's a way...sweet home Chicago
  7. I gotta look out for all you gents. Lol thanks again for the input and going easy on a wife already got put off by all of the packages coming from abroad, just wait till she sees the new wineador coming tomorrow ?
  8. I didn't get thrashed too badly on this one...thankfully. Countless google/FoH searches would never give me such wonderful personalized answers and a chance for me to meet the gang. thanks for all the input. cheers, Manny
  9. Lol, not trying to start any problems haha... I'm cool with being v2 -MM
  10. Hello All, Long time lurker, first time poster. I wanted to introduce myself and ask a question. My name is Manny from Chicago, and I have only just started smoking cigars. My first one was on my honeymoon in November and let's just say, it has become an obsession, in a good way. Anyway... I wanted to get everyone's opinion or preference on the temperature and rh you keep your Habanos. I have had a few dry out, a few too moist, but I am trying to find the sweet spot. What is your personal preference? Temp/rh Thanks, Manny
  11. @alozano87 it's all good. I never had an E#2, I must add it to the list. lol you know as a lowly southsider ritzy is not usually where I am either. It does sound like a cool place to check out at least once though. I am a newlywed (November 19, 2016 is still newly wed right) well I am starting to build my own man cave/smoke room/entertainment spot since we just moved into the house. It is a work in progress. My wife will make me get an air purifier soon enough, I can feel it! -M
  12. @TheMonk thanks for narrowing it down. I just got a 10 pack of Mag 50's that I am going to let sit for a while. I can't wait. I think they are from '14. @alozano87 I had some wonderful Monte's more recently. I should have said what are your favorites at the moment. I reside on the South Side of the city. South Chicago is the neighborhood. Thanks for the welcome! Have you found a smokers lounge that you enjoy in or around the city? I have had no luck. Thanks for the responses, -M
  13. Hello All, New to the forum, I thought I would introduce myself..My name is Manny from Chicago. To break the ice (I am a teacher for secondary "high school") so we do ice breakers, I thought I would post my favorite stick... My Favorite Habano is a Montecristo 2 What'a yours!? Make and model Cheers, Manny

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