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The missus is the whiskey drinker in my house and as I have mentioned many times before, I make a habit of buying her a bottle or two for every gift giving occasion (valentines day, birthday, anniversary, Christmas, ect) and as such she has amassed a pretty decent whiskey collection over the last 5 years.

After receiving her 20th bottle of decent quality Scotch last anniversary, she mentioned she wouldn't mind expanding her pallet to whiskey from other countries.
As requested, the next few bottles she received were from Ireland (Bushmills 16), Japan (Nikka From the Barrel AND Hibiki Harmony) and Australia (Overrheem Sherry Cask, albeit a small bottle)

In the theme of letting her explore the world of whiskey, what other countries are producing whiskey that is worth a look?
Her birthday is in a couple of months and adding another country to her whiskey adventure would please her no end

Anyone have any recommendations for whiskey that's a little off the beaten path?

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Kudos for her taste in whiskey! :ok:

From Taiwan...Kavalan Sherry Cask Single Malt or Kavalan Solist Ex-Bourbon Cast Strength Single Malt. From Canada...J.P. Wiser's Lot 40 Single Copper Pot Rye Whisky . If she doesn't mind Bourbon, from the USA...Russell's Reserve Single Barrel Whiskey or Four Roses Single Barrel Whiskey (although I'm following @Ethernut's recommendation/s for the bourbon!).

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Third on the Lot 40. I really like all the Kavalan expressions I have tried.

I couldn't stand the Amrut Fusion - I think toilet cleaner would have tasted better :P

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Northern Harvest Rye is not that bad.  It's pretty good and can be found in Alberta for $40.  For that price, compared to most whiskys out there, it's worth a try.  I actually quite like it and have regular stock of it.  Is it whisky of the year good?  No not even close.  Is it as bad as some people say?  No it's not.  There are some who are bitter because they initially bought into the hype and bought many bottles of this at often inflated prices only to find that it's not agreeable for their palate.  I got one bottle at $33, cracked it open right away, found that I liked it and got 5 more.  Over a year later I'm finding this whisky is growing on me.  I prefer this to the Lot 40.

Whiskys, like cigars, is personal preference so don't trust someone's palate too much.  Try it for yourself and decided.  My only advice is look for Canadian whisky with high % of rye.  The higher (i.e. 100%) the better in my books.  Just to name one, Alberta Premium makes some nice rye whisky and are available everywhere for cheap.  You can even pick it up in small taster bottles.

After trying virtually all the Canadian rye whiskys I can get my hands on, I find that I don't particularly care for rye whiskeys.  Northern Harvest Rye is about the only one I would want in my rotation.  I prefer a scotch, bourbon, or good beer over rye.

Look at some whisky from Tasmania and Japan.  I love Japanese whiskys.

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I second what Baldy says about the Northern Harvest rye. I like it. 

Forty Creek Confederation oak reserve I would highly recommend for a Canadian whiskey. 

Canadian Club 12yr is a staple as is the Collingwood for a smoother lighter Canuck drop. 

Another vote for Alberta Springs for one with a nice rye bite. 

I like rye... hmm, who'da thought. ;) 

i haven't tried a Sullivan's Cove Taz/Oz malt that I didn't like

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Readily available Bourbon and American Ryes I would recommend:

From Buffalo Trace Distillery:

Sazerac Rye 6 year old (AKA baby Saz)

Stagg Jr. Bourbon (unfiltered and uncut) 130 proof

Elmer T. Lee Bourbon

Blanton's Bourbon

Any E.H Taylor bourbons or ryes

From Wild Turkey Distillery:

Russell's Reserve Single Barrel bourbon

Russell's Reserve Single Barrel Rye


Angel's Envy Rye Caribbean Cask finish

Pikesville Rye

Good luck in your search!

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