you could not make this up

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Whew! Glad I read all the way to the end. Clearly this is another one we can blame on the French! :P

Seriously though, privatizing the military opened up all kinds of unintended consequences and risks.

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The poor troops on the ground have got to wonder wtf the "powers that be" are doing.

Those blokes have to deal with the mess.

It must be hard when the bad guys are shooting your own stuff back at you.

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No chance this was a mistake. US military technology, especially a freaking missile, doesn't just mistakenly find itself on a plane to Havana. The issue is, how difficult would it be for foreign governments to corrupt a private 3rd party freight forwarder? My guess, not very. I'm sure the feds will try to put this on Lockheed Martin. Obviously there was a security failure with their forwarder.

Good luck getting it back. It's probably already arrived in Moscow or Beijing.

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