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I have a few cigars that I haven't had a great deal of experience with in the 6 months to a year. I would love to hear members viewpoints as a reference for when I approach them in the next few weeks for review/Inspection.

If you have had any of the below, please provide your thoughts on it/them and provide a box code/year if you can.

Romeo y Julieta Exhibicion Number 3 (2013/14 preferably)

Sancho Panza Molinos (more recent codes to point of discontinuation)

Cohiba Corona Especiales (Carton Packs 13/14)

Fonseca Cosacos (13/14)

Partagas Habaneros (14)

Rey Del Mundo Demi Tasse (13/14)

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I have a couple boxes of

ERDM Demi Tasse LAR ABR 13

I've smoked maybe 10 over the past year or so. They have ranged from ok to pretty good. All have had excellent construction though. My experience with the marca is limited. I traded awhile back for a handful of ERDM PCs. I loved those, but unfortunately have never been able to find a box. And while searching for something that might be similar to the PC. They definitely share DNA. The demi tasse is just a little too delicate for my smoking rate, they can get over heated quite easily. While they are nice and have their spot as a short quick morning smoke. I feel for the price there are better options. I've heard they age magnificently though, so for that reason I'll probably always have some on hand. Plus the dress boxes are tiny. You can really squeeze them into tight spots if you have some gaps while playing Tetris.

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I have smoked 5 of the RyJ Ex#3 from a box MUE Dec 09 that I bought from the LCDH in Luxembourg. It is ok, not great. Basically just that typical toasted tobacco core with a slight sweetness coupled with a tangyness and some undertones of parsley/cilantro/celery seed and black tea. In my experience, nothing spectacular and ranks right alongside the majority of cuban cigars coming out. A very standard flavour but I thought them a good buy for value and I'm glad I have them as not many people have them and it's always fun to say "Hey, how about an Exhibicion #3?" and the other person is like "You mean an Exhibicion #4?" and you come back with "No, I mean a #3!" as you pull out the box and offer one up.

I am curious as to what these were like when they were in their first year or two as it would give me a better idea on how other cigars might evolve that have a similar taste, but I would surmise that the flavour probably wasn't much different than it is now. I could be wrong but I've seen how other cigars I have had since 2008-09 haven't really evolved all that much either but then there are others that have evolved tremendously so who knows. That's a large part of the fun for me with cuban cigars that I can't really get in this magnitude with non-cuban tobacco.

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I've been smoking from boxes of Romeo y Julieta Exhibicion Number 3 (AUB MAR13) and Sancho Panza Molinos (ABR JUL11)

Loving the RyJ, smoked over half a box since last June. Excellent construction, dark oily wrappers, creamy viscous smoke and rich full flavors. Wood, leather, cocoa and spice - 94/100

This topic caused me to fire one up:


Need to get more.

The Molinos aren't bad but this box not the best I've had.

Very nice wood, toasty, touch of leather and baking spice. A bit left of medium with a dry mouthfeel - 88/100

Being dc'ed and enjoyable enough, I'd possibly go for more at the right price.

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Recently cracked a '15 box of Habaneros. Quite the firecracker. 2012 Molinos are crazy good. 

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On 4/30/2015 at 10:07 PM, El Presidente said:


Romeo y Julieta Exhibicion Number 3 (2013/14 preferably)

Rey Del Mundo Demi Tasse (13/14)

'14 RyJ Ex 3 are so so with respect to the exquisite Ex 4.  The 3s are much more of the banal wood that made me think I don't like RyJ for a few years.  Could have been a bum batch (bought a fiver), but no creaminess, no real depth and, most unforgivable, very little cherry/berry, which is what I want if I'm smoking RyJ and it's not a Churchill.

'13 ERdM DT were a big fail for me.  A little pricey for such a small cigar and kind of a boring profile that had little in the way of character to set them apart from other small, cheap long filler offerings.  I have sampled Choix Supreme from several different vintages and had similar results, so perhaps the blend is just not for me.

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