Stormy Afternoon on the Deck

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I was on the deck 4pm yesterday when I heard a grumble coming from the south. Late Spring storms are common around here so I didn't think too much about it....but i did get up off my chair and had a quick look. It looked bad but I have seen bad before....or so I thought.


For bad storms I lift the North and South facing screens on the deck. Better to have wet (all weather) furniture than to see the pressure build and the roof come off. It hadn't crossed my mind to leave the deck as I had a few e-mails to complete no.gif

I have lived in this city all my life and in the next 25 minutes experienced the worst storm I have ever seen.

It started in a fury. Winds over 100 km hour and hail sized between golf and tennis balls. The deck went from a comfortable place full of furniture to.....



Most storms have a brief lifespan of fury. Just when I thought I could sense it ease the main cell hit. Winds increased to over 140 km hour. A two metre sheet of metal flew horizontally through the deck opening before my eyes. The cacophony of sound was deafening. The roar of the wind, the clanging of metal bashing the deck, the hail smashing all. When the storm ceased and Di came on up I couldn't hear anything but ringing in my ears.

At it's worst I crouched behind the large deck refrigerator hoping that the structure wouldn't lift onto the street. I have to say it was close and I was kicking myself for being such an idiot and leaving myself so exposed in what is a glorified tree house.

The aftermath in our street was devastation. Roofs torn off houses and buildings, every south facing window smashed. Our building wasn't unscathed, the 30 ft rear roller door to the warehouse blown off its tracks. It hasn't moved in 30 years and was bolted down into concrete.

All cigar stock was fine. The OLH Bunker unaffected. Some ShooAway stock damaged, ceiling damage, water through the light fittings. nothing that cannot be repaired or replaced.

Everyone in the street is pitching in helping each other. Our coffee shop is doing free coffee today for all locals as we clean up. Much of this part of the city is a mess. The adjoining buildings all need their roofs replaced.

Thankfully no one was hurt ok.gif

We will be a little quiet today as we clean up.

After the storm ....if you had a toboggan on the could have had some fun!


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Yes Rob did say to me before the storm hit "come and have a look at the storm coming our way" So up I go and went downstairs very quickly as it was moving at a very fast rate. I actually thought Rob was following me but alas he didn't. At one stage when there was a loud roar and the winds increased I was waiting to see Rob still sitting on the deck and both flying past surprised.gif

We did see a garbage bin floating down the road also some outdoor furniture and roof panelling.... Not sure where they came from lookaround.gif

The best part was when Greg, Rob's good friend comes to access the damage and walks in with one of the outdoor chairs from the deck where he found down the street rotfl.gif

Hope to never go through that again

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It was a ripper Rob. The meteorologist at my work didn't predict the storms intensity, and his car will now be a write off with hail damage.

Just before it hit the deck, it cleaned up a few lighties at Archerfield airport!

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Rob goes on the deck and says to the storm;It's either you or me.Rob prevails,he's still here but the storm is gone.Glad to hear that everybody is save.

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Wow. Quite the story.

Two thoughts....

1 - "a glorified tree house". LOL!!!! And, yes, you are an idiot for staying up there in that. Di, be sure to remind him daily for at least a month, on all our behalves!!!!! whip.giflaugh.pngbiggrin.png

2 - I definitely bought the correct cigar ashtrays and lighters - if a Stinky Cigar ashtray and a Vector Tri-Pump table lighter can stand up to those winds, they can handle ANYTHING!!!! :2thumbs:

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