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  1. I have been a fan of Aphex Twin from a long time but somehow I never heard this song until 10 days ago and have been listening to it almost everyday.
  2. I second that, I'm still trying to get the most singles I can get my hands on to figure out what I like or what I don't like before committing to buy any boxes. It all comes down to personal taste 😉
  3. Yeah, that's a good idea, definitely will do that. Thanks for the suggestion!
  4. I bought some cigars yesterday from a local B&M and when I arrived at my house I notice a little hole in one cigar, it is the first time I have seen in one of my cigars 😖, I already put it in the freezer and will leave it there for 48 hours.
  5. Thanks for the info! Lovely region! I love to go hiking near Cercedilla and Navacerrada, it's really nice to have such a beautiful place near the city.
  6. Thanks for sharing! I live in Madrid now, I have been looking at different estancos and have Cava Piegui on my list, I should go there some time! It seems like he's in the Pedriza area if I'm not mistaken, really beautiful place, I love hiking from time to time in the Sierra region.
  7. Hello everyone! I'm Rodrigo, I was active in the forum about 6 years ago and for the last couple of weeks have been signing in from time to time to read some of the topics, anyway I figured I would introduce myself again since it has been some time from my last post. Just a bit about myself, I'm Mexican and moved to São Paulo, Brasil about 6 years ago and in 2019 I moved to Madrid, Spain, which is where I'm currently living now. Anyway, I'm happy to be back! Cheers.
  8. Some weeks ago I wrote that it was a Monte No4 but yesterday I just had a Diplo No2 that just blew my mind!
  9. I wouln't care at all. For me, just like most people commenting here, is about the taste and the experience. I've tried NCs but I find the cubans to fulfil my palate the most. One thing I don't really like about NCs is the overwhelming quantity of brands out there and the lack of information one can find on the internet.
  10. Were you able to crack the code? Just kidding! Now talking serious, how does a pebble end inside a cigar? Anyway, sorry to hear you've had several pieces of random stuff inside your cigars.

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