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  1. I know Cotagion (2011) will not be one of them, I would like to revisit,the following: Dirty Harry. Play Misty for me. Something Gotta give. Maybe , Fatal Attraction.
  2. Mostly water, but sometimes I enjoy Liefmans on the rocks a fruity belgian beer.
  3. Why not ,there is Bolivar. I guess one's man revolutionary,is another man's villain .
  4. Hey guys what about the main question of this topic.?
  5. Wondering if any of our comrades here had the chance of smoking the Saint Luis Rey Marquez. what is the flavour profile , is it a full or medium cigar.
  6. It might escape many on this forum, but nations suffering the injustice of colonialism looked to him for inspiration, you agreed with him or disagreed, he was one of the last giants, in world politics. May he rest in peace.
  7. I like your Avatar, definitely JE SUIS AYLAN.
  8. Any member familiar with this Partagas, how does it smoke.

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