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Grew up in Texas...California just can't do it as well. Nice to be back for a longer stay.

Apple schnapps and RASS '13 for desert     Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk  

Smoked a brisket for a lunch time barbecue yesterday. Had this baby on from 12:30a until about 9a and then threw it in the cooler to stay warm until we ate. Enjoyed a great LGC MdO No2 during the last

Simple meal. Grilled strips, steamed broccoli, baked potatoes and Decoy Red. Basic but awesome....prime beef makes a huge difference!

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Looks perfect. What kind of temp are you getting up to to pull that off.

Prime Tenderloin, I make sure it gets room temperature before cooking, I cook my steaks over infrared anywhere from 900F-1300F, it depends on what cut I'm cooking. I've perfected my process over the years to get the perfect char/crust on the outside and an thick even rare to med-rare center all the way through. No layers of crust, grey, brown, then small center of pink, the key is getting the whole center pink with a great crust. (Only can be done at super high heat, and covered)

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Grilled swordfish, fresh pesto cream sauce with red Quinoa and a wonderful Sancerre. Forgot to get pictures shead.gif

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