Hello from Havana

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Hello from sunny Havana !

All is ready for a great week of cigars, visits, attractive informal events and meetings with good friends and good people.

Quiet days here busy arranging plans and all is set by now.

Tomorrow interesting dinner with Toby, Amir, Andy & the usual suspects at La Fontana, Sunday dinner at La guarida with UK friends and Simon Chase, Monday tasting and attractive gourmet menu, MC 520 the cigar, rum and coffee and chocolate ingredients, Lazaro "Lachi" the chef.

Been invited to another spectacular Remy Martin event, wow, what can I say.

Highlight will be the trip and lunch at Hector Luis in the Vuelta Abajo.

News : Santos will retire later this month. Pity.

Partagas GR Lusitania will be in my lips later today ... :-)

Will see if I can post some more on this elastic rubber wide band ...

Let the fun begin !

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Steeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeve! It's cold in Germany and Nino is retired. . .

What else is he supposed to do? Build snowmen and relight his cigar 20 times smile.png

Enjoy Nino and I look forward to reading your adventures.

Thanks Aaron, ill be in cold Germany Saturday....

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Glad you are well Nino and sounds like some fun has been lined up as usual! Glad I got the chance to meet Santos before he retired... will be interesting to see how the next roller works out. Will they learn from Santos and pretty much keep the same blend/tobacco going, or will it be a fresh start with new roller?

Let us know what you think of the Lusi GR!

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Back to normal In Havana

The XV Festival del Habano is over, same … Festival, different year.

I’ll might share a few thoughts later on when back at home, but can’t really pass on much as I only only attended the Welcome Night and it got mixed reviews.

My best time here as always is being outside the circus and the horse and pony show.

The weather has been terrible last few days and has kept me in Havana. I wanted some quiet sunny beach days in Playa Larga but it was simply too cold and rainy for that.

Will be here for another week, so I might still be able to do it.

Now that Frank and other friends have left I am resting my bones and brain cells ( the ones not fried by too many cigars and rum ) and taking it easy, the Cuban way.

have the new Partagas GR Lusi and will report -Santos has def retired and will be far away.

So far all is good ... except the rubber band I'net ...

Lots of pics and stuff to port, but only from Germany.

Hello to all and Adios, the sun is finally out :-)


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Hi from cool Havana,

driving out to Cojimar today disguised as a tourist, pizza at Guanabo Piccolo and then cigars and more cigars before dinner at old Havana's Dona Eutimia paladar.

Life's not bad


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Last days in Havana.

Weather is sunny but unusually cool to outright cold here. Been doing some touristy stuff lately like Cojimar for a drink at La Terraza, Hemingway’s hangout there and Pizza in Guanabo.

Dinner last night at Plaza de la Catedral, Paladar Dona Eutimia, whole upstairs room for us and our Cuban friends. Smoking Montecristo EL 2000 and Partagas EL 2004 – yummy food too.

Today I might go see the Colon cementery, one of Latin America’s largest – interestingly enough I learned that Miguel Brown, former Director of H.Upmann and El Laguito is now a Sub-Director at the Colon Cementery … only in Cuba.

Otherwise all is well here, have put my hands on some Partagas GR and other fine cigar candy and will report with pictures when back home.

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