Your favourite Phone App?

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My vote? 'Hide It Pro' by some guy called Anuj Tenani.

Basically it's an app that LOOKS like a volume control called 'Audio Manager'. It lets the user adjust all the volumes on the phone.


When you press and hold the logo you are asked for a PIN that takes you to the back end where you can hide videos, photos, messages, other app's etc.

I use it for... ummm... work :bsmeter::liar::lookaround:

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Tapatalk is definitely very handy for checking the forums and not having to log in through the web client all the time. I like how multiple forums or sites can be saved so signing into the app automatically signs you in to the forums. No muss, no fuss. I've also noticed that this app seems to refresh a bit quicker during the LFTHs than my desktop or laptop web clients. That's helped me out a few times.

But as far as the "gee, that's pretty damned cool" app, I have to give it up for SoundHound. It's one if the song recognition apps, so when you're at the local tavern and need to know what song is playing it will identify it, usually show the lyrics as the song is playing, and then give you options for downloading, etc. It's wicked handy and works perfectly damned near every time.



Sent from my HTC Thunderbolt using Tapatalk 2.

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EWallet for keeping track of passwords, logins, cc numbers

I use Keeper for this. It has the added advantage of platform independent cloud backup. It saved my ass on a number of occasions.

Speaking of Tapatalk, anybody else having issues with this app recently? I'm unable to log into FOH with it at all. No problems with other forums and I've confirmed login and password are correct :(

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Hmmmm. Good question. My iPhone has been stuck in a drawer since moving to Mexico a year ago. (on a side note, I use a cheap phone here that only does calls and texts and I really don't miss the smart phones)

On my iPad, my absolute fave app is Pocket......tapatalk, djay and garageband are fun too


I am here:,-87.070709

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You can try the free IPB Buddy instead and see if it works. I use IPB app but don't seem to be able to find it on the App Store any more.

^ was about to post the same thing. It says that FOH no longer supports tapatalk. Cannot log in

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