Bands from Manchester......who are your faves?

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Many to choose from.

Although I don't listen to them much anymore, The Smiths were at the top of my Manchester list for years, Joy Division and stone roses up there as well.


I am here:,-87.070653

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Yes there are heaps though being a Mancunian ,I have lived or been back for some time ,but for me





The list goes on and on

Cheers OZ :cigar:

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Happy Mondays

The Charlatans

Inspiral Carpets

Stone Roses


A Guy Called Gerald

The Future Sound of London

808 State

New Order

The 'Madchester' sound and the so called 'second summer of love' :flower: defined my late teens and i still listen to lots of that music now.

Hard to believe the Stone Roses first album was released 23 years ago :blink:

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Couldnt agree with you more, but him and Johnny Marr together made some of the music that I really enjoyed in College. He is such a tool though.

Morrisey- words can't describe how much of a nipple this guy is. One of the few people in the world who manages to make Bono look like a pleasent person.

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I hated the whole 'madchester' scene growing up and to this day I still can't listen to Oasis, The Charlatans, The Stone Roses, etc. It just seemed like a master class in how to be obnoxious.

I didn't know the Chemical Brothers were from Manchester, they'd probably get my vote as well.

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in terms of popular rock whatever, a couple of current good bands,


I am Kloot.

The hollies were also pretty respected worldwide, with Graham Nash going on to CSNY fame.

I also hated the whole packaging thing, like the Britpop's just music, be it good or bad...

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