My 1st Box From FOH

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Just want to say thanks,here she is.

HDM Des Dieux - LAG JUN 10 - PE


Was It Good? Is this a happy Face


Hell Yes

Hey All, this is my 1st Box, i got last week from FOH House (thuday) was hoping to meet you rob(just missed ya something about going to the airport) but got to meet Lisa(better looking then rob :-)) and the gang and felt welcome right from the start.

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I remember successfully landing my first box and discovering "wow, thats definitely real and not fake"! It was a good day.

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Its great to have people like Rob and Lisa who take the time to make sure that their customers get nothing but the best...oh yeah and smithy too :P

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What to you see the Partagas Serie P 2 10's I sent you yesterday... you are going to love them LOLOL

here they are :-)

box n## 2 and box n## 3 LOL

The Arrival


Drum Rolllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll


i no i no i no and yes they are all mine :-)

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The Part SP2 has some gorgeous oil.... Boys they were for LITH but Jai nabbed them first ;)

Thank god, that would have been torture for me...

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