Panda Cows

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That cow is waaaaay too big for Piggy's farm

If it can't fit in a dolls house or man is out!


I prefer the term '*** bag' but I know this is a family place. I love the Panda Cow!!! I think Rob is right though, too big for my lifestyle.

I was just telling Lady Piggy the other day that due to my posting on this place our pets are famous and have fans all over the world. What can I say other than I like to share? I am rather proud that people think of my little ranch when they think of mutated farm animals.... :peace:

By the way Rob I have a saying. "A big gun will get your further than small pets alone," so remember your place mate!-LOL

My little MoMo has her own chair and does not need to sit with me on the couch. She loves my company regardless of how I dress, cuss, and even enjoys my company when I smoke in her corral. Come to think of it... she has better manners and eats less than a few "chicks" I have known!!! I guess I will stop now before it this gets obscene!



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