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Hello, I'm new to the forums, glad to be here to learn from you all. The wealth of information is fantastic, especially since it has been tough to find fellow local BOTLs to interact with.

I've been enjoying cigars for about 3 years. I tend to follow the quality over quantity mantra. I just recently started to sample Cuban Leaf. I started out with Robustos and I typically try to go for 3 of each brand to give a fair shake. So far, I've had the RJSC, CoRo, PSD4 and the BRC... The BRC is in the lead closely followed by the CoRo. My first RJSC was plugged, and I mean plugged, but there are another two which will work their way into the rotation. The PSD4 is going into the let it sit for a while category since so many of you enjoy this, the one I had just wasn't oozing with flavor yet. I still have the RASS and Juan Lopez to work with and then.... well, I just get excited thinking about it :rolleyes:

Hope to learn and later contribute.

Best wishes and happy smoking!

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Hello and welcome to FOH. Give this a look-see. It's a great way to mix and match some great cigars of varying sizes...


Very cool, thanks for the recommendation! They look delicious :D

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Welcome to FOH. It looks like you are well on your way down this slippery slope we are all treading on...

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Welcome to the Forum enjoy ,we do :lol:

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