Bark like a dog!

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It's funny you post that as I only just watched this very video on the weekend! :D

This bloke takes his barking seriously and his wife looks as if shes about to laugh. :2thumbs:

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He could have a new career doing voice overs for Dr. Doolittle movies.

The wife's face is classic. As if she's used to antics like that from her she expected him to do that.

It's funny because you can see the guy 'gearing himself up' prior to the bark and his wife 'KNOWS' whats comming!

I also just noticed the reporter, Tracy Grimshaw open the topic by stating "So how is it that these two are roaming their neighbourhood and frightening the locals" is she talking about dogs or the couple interviewed!? :2thumbs:

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He has just been signed to do commercials for a local car service chain.

When Andy Warhol coined the phrase about 5 minutes of fame I bet he wasn't thinking about this.

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