VR Farmie Double Robusto

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-Very well made DR size cigar, made with 2006 tobacco, gift from Hiroshi to a nice friend of mine this January

-Pig tail end

-Pre draw is musty tobacco

-Initial puff is a blast of leather and woody tobacco along with some pepper,

-Such a good job lighting it, the pig tail stay on the ash for a while just like before it was lit

-Very smooth tobacco so far with a hint of cream, Medium so far early on, some light grass as well

-Wrapper is matte finish and I think a 56 RG size, medium amount of smoke at rest, black layers make up the ash

-What strikes me so far is how smooth and creamy this cigar is, no harshness what so ever

-This is the same cigar as the VR “El Padrino” but this is the Double Robusto version, I have some El Padrino’s resting for better days

-Aftertaste is super sweet, Tom Petty in the background and warm weather……..Life is good my friends

-Hints of coffee, wood and mild leather come and go in the 1/3

-I don’t see any similarities between this cigar and regular production VR cigars

-Reminds me of a high end Italian dessert, made from the best chef with the best ingredients

-Nice draw, nice finish, burn rate is perfect…..everything you look for in a cigar

-2/3 starts to have a nice, chewy finish but not too sticky on the palate

-Hints of chocolate and continued grass are still around but not dominating at all, more complimentary

-One of the best cigar’s I have ever had in my short smoking career

-Smoke is sharp and none of the cigar lingers in my mouth, very clean

-BTW, nothing like a Maestro at all


-Absolutely brilliant cigar!











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