The Brilliance of Some People...

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I mean seriously, how did this guy ever get this position?

Well, its about time that we even out the population in Australia or we will capsize too... too many people in the east coast!

"Democracy" more often than not is sheer demagogy... and the herd votes along party lines or their favourite tune (or ad) anyway...

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Man. Welcome to politics at it's finest. Did he really need to spend over a minute fumbling thru the "size" of Guam. I swear these guys love to hear themselves talk.

A quote from John Fowles pretty much sums it up...

"There are only two races on this planet, the intelligent and the stupid"

...I do believe he is the later of the 2. :2thumbs:

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Yeah I thought he seemed either drunk or high as he rambled on. Amazing how some people can progress in life with such little intellect.

Don't believe he was joking either. Bizarre, mildly worrying and a bit amusing. :2thumbs:

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Mr. Johnson has claimed that it was a joke -- some sort of metaphorical reference about his concern for the over-population of Guam.

I think it was clear that is what he meant...

come on guys, you're better than this lol

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From an elected official, joking or not, that was one of the most bizarre 3 minute rambles I can recall. Sure we can all have good days and bad....and then there are atrocious :o

There is a global paucity for respect of public office. That performance doesn't help :huh:

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Obviously the man is presidential-material! :lol:

From my experience such a nonsense rambling requires alot of alcohol...

Perhaps an intern was under his desk and he just couldn't concentrate... ;):D

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