Tampa area Sit Down to honor Chuck Vaughan-Lloyd

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We are going to have a Sit Down on Saturday, April 3, beginning around 5 PM, and going at least until 9 PM. We will meet at Central Cigars in St. Pete. This will include the regulars from the Tampa Bay Cigar Crew but all are welcome. In addition to our usual merriment, we will all share our stories of our dear friend Chuck, who passed away unexpectedly on March 17, 2010. I plan to bring a full complement of thin ring gauge cigars, and Partagas, Bolivar, and Ramon Allones (his favorites).


Hope to see as many of you as can make it. Let me know if you plan to attend, this is one not to be missed.

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Wish I could be there ,have a good one (for Tampa) :blink:

Cheers Oz :rotfl:

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Last night we held a Sit Down in memory of Chuck (Tampa1257) at Central Cigars in St. Petersburg. It was a great evening in every respect. We had 13 people in attendance, including Chuck’s sister. As might be expected, we smoked a lot of great cigars, with a heavy emphasis on Partagas, Bolivar, Ramon Allones, and Por Larranaga. Trinidad Fundadores and Cohiba Lanceros also made appearances. Bobby (KodiakBr) pulled out an especially noteworthy cigar, a 1984 Partagas 898. I think every cigar smoked was one that Chuck would have had a comment on and possibly written a review of.

The event went on for over 6 hours. We visited, shared stories about Chuck, and got serious at moments.

Here are some pictures from the event… I know that many of you were there with us in spirit.

First some shots of some well known cigar characters long associated with the Tampa Bay cigar scene: Kilroy, Sir Diggamus, and KodiakBr.




KodiakBr with Chuck’s sister, and with me.



Steve and Deidre were also very close friends of Chuck and have been with us for many cigar events.


My son Carl knew Chuck very well, and joined us for cigars and a few adult beverages as well.


We were delighted to have TropicalDoc and his friend John and their spouses as well. They made the long drive from Punta Gorda to be a part of this.




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A major highlight was the appearance of Chuck’s sister Marrie and her friend Jim:


We got some great group pictures as well, I am posting both since there are closed eyes for people in one or the other.



Beyond the expected sharing of great cigars, I read a 19th century poem that I knew that Chuck liked, To My Cigar, by Charles Sprague. I have pasted it in to the end of this message.

The goodbyes were in good spirits all the way around.



All in all this was a night to remember. People from all over the world have posted that they were having a cigar in Chuck’s honor during the scheduled time of our Sit Down. Nothing could be more fitting as a tribute to Chuck than a bunch of friends enjoying cigars together.


Yes, social friend, I love thee well,

In learned doctor's spite;

Thy clouds all other clouds dispel,

And lap me in delight.

What though they tell, with phizzes long,

My years are sooner past!

I would reply with reason strong,

They're sweeter while they last.

When in the lonely evening hour,

Attended but by thee,

O'er history's varied page I pore,

Man's fate in thine I see.

Oft as the snowy column grows,

Then breaks and falls away,

I trace how mighty realms thus rose,

Thus tumbled to decay.

Awhile like thee earth's masters burn

And smoke and fume around;

And then, like thee, to ashes turn,

And mingle with the ground.

Life's but a leaf adroitly rolled,

And Time's the wasting breath

That, late or early, we behold

Gives all to dusty death.

From beggar's frieze to monarch's robe,

One common doom is passed;

Sweet Nature's works, the swelling globe,

Must all burn out at last.

And what is he who smokes thee now?

A little moving heap,

That soon, like thee, to fate must bow,

With thee in dust must sleep.

But though thy ashes downward go,

Thy essence rolls on high;

Thus, when my body lieth low,

My soul shall cleave the sky.


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Thanks very much PT - well done to all in attendance, both physically and spiritually.

My cigar yesterday was an '03 Partagas de Partagas No.1. It was a fantastic cigar -

while smoking it I thought to myself that Chuck would have approved.

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Just great guys/girls

I am sure Tampa would have been very proud a big congrats ;):clap:

Cheers Oz :cigar:

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Topping these posts from 2010. This was an event we held to honor our dear departed friend Chuck Vaughan-Lloyd, aka Tampa1257. Chuck was proud to have been a moderator for this Board and had a knowledge and passion about Cuban cigars that surpassed anyone I have met. I can't think of St. Patrick's Day, March 17, without remembering the day in 2010 when he passed to the Great Cigar Lounge in the Sky.

Here's to our dear departed friend, raise a thin ring gauge cigar in his honor friends.

Oh and the final picture is a packet of the cigars that Rob commissioned in Chuck's honor, dubbed the "Tampa", a shaggy foot dalia size, would love to see these produced again.


Chuck Nortons 4.jpg

Bill Cigar buddies.jpg

Tampa shaggy foot Dalia Czar.jpg

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