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Wanted to post some fotos of a GREAT vacation, stayed in an awesome beach house about 12 miles north of Los Barrilles in a small village called El Cardinal on the Sea of Cortez.

Awesome, just awesome. The beauty of the contrast between desert and sea is wonderous to me.

Goal was to get my first Roosterfish from the beach - as in many things, its the journey, no the destination so it was a fun week chasing them. Amazing to watch them go after your top-water lure and chase it all the way to the sand before striking. Not good for eating I'm told but a beautiful fish.

Fished some amazing beaches, never saw another soul except my brother and buddies all day. Ate great. People wonderful and kind.

I'm going back.




















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Great pics is right! I've not been to Cabo, but spent a week or so on the Baja a number of years ago - Ensenada, Rosarito, Bajamar.....

And I agree - one of the things that also hit me was the mountains and desert meeting the sea. I didn't do any fishing, but I ate plenty

of home made fish tacos and lobster burritos (and met Salma Hayek after hours in a restaurant somewhere....).

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Cabo was nice but after 2 days was looking forward to getting out. After spending the rest of the week hours away in the desert,

I felt sorry for all those 'spring breakers' that flew to Baja and never saw much but the inside of a bar and bottom of a shot glass.

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NICE pics man. I go down to Cabo about 2-3x a year for roosters on the fly. if you want the names of some great guides or want some of my special rooster flies just give me a shout.

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