Bolivar Petit Corona 1970's

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-Very frail, Green-ish wrapper on a cigar that is probably older than me

-Pre draw had the musty, aged tobacco flavors you would expect with something this old, very excited to see what happens with this oldie but a goodie

-Wow, initial puff was a blast of aged tobacco with some major older leather

-Aftertaste is my favorite part so far, like high quality, aged tobacco that just stays with you on the back of your throat

-Mild licorice but mostly high grade tobacco and leather, Mild at this point

-This was a very gracious gift from Robbie (MiamiPadronSmoker) and the cigar was in pretty good condition for being 30+ years

-No draw or construction issues other than a wrapper that was a touch on the dry side due to its age

-Beginning of 2/3 has some musty tobacco set in but not unpleasant, chewy leather is still present which is nice, also some nice tannins

-Flavors back down a little bit compared to the 1/3, but still there to keep your attention

-Flavors are very sharp and well defined....not multiple flavors but the leather, tobacco and mild licorice are all present

-I am not a fan of Bolivar traditionally other than a couple of cigars but rather enjoying this a lot

-Last third is my favorite part so far, full of flavor, showing its age with grace and style, wonderful leather/tobacco/wood combination without being boring

-Ash was a tight log, light grey in color and cigar is a solid Medium-Full in the last 1/3

-This cigar definitely took me on a journey from Mild to almost Full, concentrated flavors a wonderful complexity I hardly experience on a daily basis

-9.3/10 easily....So glad I had a chance to experience this, Cheers Robbie!





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Kick ash review Bart of a classic cigar. Amazing just looking at the picture. Thanks for sharing the experience with us.

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It's that old that in the second picture it almost looks like the band has seeped in to the wrapper to become one.. Great review, always like to see these vintage cigars being finally smoked.

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Awesome review! I always enjoy seeing your review coming up in the forum section. This vintage cigar looks/ sounds delicious. Thanks for a nice contribution to the forum- as well as these good pictures.

!Happy Smoking! ;)

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