A little gift from Hamlet

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On the final night in Havana we had our traditional friends farewell dinner which this year we did at my place. I was touched by this gift from Hamlet, a caricature of myself made from tobacco.

It is a fine gift which takes pride of place in the center of the Czar walk in humidor. Brings a smile to my face and warm memories of my Havana family.

Gracias Hermano!




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Absolutely brilliant what a treasure and totally unique ,the resemblance is really uncanny :o ,cannot even imagine how many hours were involved in its creation ;)

cheersOZ :D

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Does it have a nick in the back of its head ;)

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That is a singular token of friendship and did I already say it's super cool? ;)


That really sums it all Rob.

What an honor to have something so personal created for yourself. :D

Truly amazing.

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Truly incredible. That is phenomenal craftsmanship. Hamlet is truly an artist. Prez...I think this honor is a testament to how good a friend you are, and how much you are respected.

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