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Found 6 results

  1. Hey guys, hope everyone’s well! Recently just purchased a box of RyJ Churchill Añejados and wanted some opinions on if it’s genuine or fake. Everything seems to check out honestly but what got to me thinking was that the date on the box (SCO E000) I know this line is supposed to be aged at least 10 years but if I’m not mistaken does the code mean these would be around 20 years aged? And from there you know I started to overthink everything lol thank you very much and cheers?
  2. This cigar is one of the Añejados cigars that are aged for five to eight years before release. It delivers strong and dominant almond, hay, nut, pepper, tobacco notes at first. Then, it pronounces subtle cedar, cream, leather, milk chocolate, toast, vanilla and wood flavours without much change till the end. I am surprised that this cigar has both smoothness and sharpness of young and aged cigars, but failed to evolve further. Because of this, I highly recommend that the beginners and seasoned cigar aficionados going for aged regular production cigars for perfect aged cigar experiences, rather than puffing this and other Añejados cigars! -Mr. Knight Brand: H. Upmann Size: 50 x 124 (Robusto) Country: Cuba Box Code: N/A Price: N/A Score: 86
  3. Montecristo Churchills Añejados Brand: Montecristo Commercial name: Churchills Factory name: Julieta Nº2 Dimensions: 47 ring gauge (18.65 mm) x 178 mm long Paired with a nice Cafe Latte con Legendario Anjeo Punch Cut Aroma at Cold faint woodsy barnyard aroma Cold draw: Smooth draw light woody cacoa. First light: Even light a mild hint of cacoa and coffee, nutmeg and light oak wood. Reminiscent of an aged Monte especial. First third: Getting that delicate sweet twang that we search for in a good montecristo. Nutmeg/cacao/coffee and a slight vanilla bean flavour. This cigar is starting out brilliantly and seems to me to be aged longer than advertised. A bit south of medium strength and very smooth. Nice even burn and a good amount of smoke. 2nd third: Picks up to medium in strength but still very smooth delicate well balanced flavours of cacao/coffee. The nutmeg faded a bit but still there. The vanilla bean flavour now a little more prevalent than in the first third. Also a nice light woodsy flavour in the background akin to the sweet oaken flavours in a chardonnay. Both the draw and burn are still perfect. Nice white ash typical of an aged cigar that is holding on surprisingly well. Final third: Monte twang in full effect! Cacao/coffee and caramelized vanilla bean flavours abound all delicately balanced as one. A shade north of medium in strength but still as smooth as can be and nice and light on the tongue. Lovely bittersweet chocolate and cinnamon on the retrohale. Through to the finish of the final third this cigar has remained extremely well balanced with typical montecristo flavours and no harshness at the end. Exactly what you would expect with an aged cigar. The burn remained sharp to the end and a nice volume of smoke throughout. Conclusion: I was hoping for but not expecting too much from this cigar as I was sorely disappointed with it's stablemate the RyJ Pyramide Añejados. Well was I in for a treat. This cigar has developed extremely well with aging and seems to be hitting its prime upon release. I would put it up there with some of the best that Montecristo has to offer. I feel confident that all will enjoy this cigar both now and a few years down the road as it has that great balance of complex flavours and strength. Final Score: 94 Just realized that I forgot to take pictures before smoking this. Oh well.
  4. Gents, can anyone direct me to the recent Anejados video-reviews (Party and HdM)? Am not able to find them and, despite the outcome, I don't expect a case of censorship to have hit here...? Many thanks!
  5. Sat down to review the Romeo y Julieta Piramides Anejados.
  6. Romeo y Julieta Piramides Anejados Size: 52x156 Box Code: GEA MAR 08 Pre-light: Good aroma at cold, loose is draw and quite soft feeling construction. Doesn't have a that particular 'aged' smell to it. 1st third: Ample amount of dry smoke, toasted tobacco with some wood flavors. Cedar. Medium body and quite smooth. Halfway: Sitting nicely at medium body, short finish, still lots of smoke. Good tobacco and cedar flavors. Definitely taste like a Romeo. A bit too shallow for me. No depth nor character... Final: increasingly strong and nicotine potent. Not as smooth anymore. Still flavors of toasted tobacco and woodiness. It still has room to mature but I don't know how well it will further age. Good to try for Romeo lovers, I won't be buying a box. Cheers

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