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Found 5 results

  1. Hi guys - I just bought a box of "Cohiba Piramides". Not "Cohiba Piramides Extra", and not "Cohiba Piramides Limited Edition". Just "Cohiba Piramides". They come in tubes, its a box of 15 tubos. The quality is impressive - the bands are on point and look legit, with holograms and everything. I'm only suspicious because of the following: relatively low price the lack of "Cohiba Piramides" online the fact that the head on the band is missing the white line/border around it. The fact that the hologram only says "cohiba" and not "cuba" The fact that the head hologram does not have fine lines in it. Could this all just be because its a special or old version? A production mistake due to which im getting them cheaper through an insider? wishful thinking? Thoughts? Thanks
  2. I had a bit of a dilemna in terms of what to review for this competition. I had a handful of great cigars in June, but nothing that stood out as a clear winner. I chose the Upmann No. 2 basically because I wanted to smoke an Upmann No. 2 more than I wanted to smoke a Larranaga Picadores, Illusione Ultra No. 8, or LFD Double Ligero Oscuro Especiales. I bought this box of Upmanns from our host, and I believe it was actually my first 24:24 purchase last October. Stats: H. Upmann No. 2 Piramides 6 1/8" x 52 MEG May 17 PSP/HQ This cigar looks great. It's oily, streaky, well-tapered, and feels perfect in the hand. Aside from one fairly prominent Frankenstein stitch, the seams and veins are basically invisible. I'd call it a straight Colorado, though some in the box have been Colorado-Maduro. I use a Colibri deep V-cutter, which takes a nice wedge out of the tapered head. The cigar takes a light well, and the draw is OK, but just a bit stiffer than I like. Certainly not that bad, but I still run the Perfect Draw through a couple of times anyway. Right off the bat, the cigar is medium-full bodied. At this stage in their development, I find these cigars to be at varying degrees of fruitines. The one I had a couple of weeks ago that prompted me t review the Upmann was very forward with those dark, stone fruit flavors. So far, this one is more savory, with nuts, leather, a touch of saltiness, but it also has a bit of dried fig flavor on the finish. The burn is not great, but hasn't become an issue. Getting past the first inch, and the cigar has a nice, long finish, which adds to its richness. Boy, what a shame that Habanos has killed off the H. Upmann Petit Corona. I'd had a number of 2s before I tried my first PC, but I'd heard that the two cigars share a flavor profile and I have to agree. The PCs that I've sampled have been a tough lighter in body, but I don't believe that's always the case and that late PCs could be pretty full-bodied. Into the second third, and I'm now getting some sweeter, floral notes, which are quite nice. I haven't generally found the cigars from this box to be particularly complex, but this one has a lot going on. Just had a couple of puffs that had a meaty/wine flavor. All the cigars I've had from this box have been very well-constructed, so credit to the factory. Heading into the final third, and the cigar has picked up in strength. Getting some black pepper, and leather, and virtually no sweetness at this point. A little bit of peanut. The cigar really has a very substantive, oily mouthfeel which I like. Not much else to report, so I'm going to close this out. Overall, this was a very nice, summer evening cigar. Great example of a Cuban pyramid, and a solid value,.I didn't thunk it was quite as good as the last one, as I do prefer those sweeter, fruit flavors that really came through in that one. CA Rating: 91
  3. Sat down to review the Romeo y Julieta Piramides Anejados.
  4. All, I hope I can have your attention though this is my first post. I am new to CCs and have been trying to collect this past month. Can the veterans of the EL program take a look at the following pictures? The question I have are for the Partagas Piramides 2000 EL. Is this the way the secondary band naturally ages with normal wear and tear? I also feel that the EL band is slightly raised and that makes me believe it is possible of its counterfeit. The seller is an avid collector himself and highly respected in the community that I joined and his source is even more regarded and respected. However this case reminds me of the other stories on this forum about the Swiss retailer that failed to catch the fake and that this cigar in particular has many high quality fakes (with some tasting even more amazing than the original). I felt compelled to hope that a very seasoned user here can tell me via the smudging of the band and/or the embossed letters, that it is certainly genuine or fake. To me personally the letters seem embossed, I can close my eyes and feel slight raised grooves etc. I know that the 2000 band was flat completely. Hoping the ink smudge can determine its legitimacy as well. Thank you for having a read and looking forward to this community!
  5. Romeo y Julieta Piramides Anejados Size: 52x156 Box Code: GEA MAR 08 Pre-light: Good aroma at cold, loose is draw and quite soft feeling construction. Doesn't have a that particular 'aged' smell to it. 1st third: Ample amount of dry smoke, toasted tobacco with some wood flavors. Cedar. Medium body and quite smooth. Halfway: Sitting nicely at medium body, short finish, still lots of smoke. Good tobacco and cedar flavors. Definitely taste like a Romeo. A bit too shallow for me. No depth nor character... Final: increasingly strong and nicotine potent. Not as smooth anymore. Still flavors of toasted tobacco and woodiness. It still has room to mature but I don't know how well it will further age. Good to try for Romeo lovers, I won't be buying a box. Cheers

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