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FOHcus - The 66th Edition Of The Ernest Hemingway Bill Fishing Tournament.

Punch Joe




...where 73 were US. While docking at La Marina Hemingway in Havana, they would start unpacking stuff and downloading BBQs, sausages and bikes. Some were unfolding chairs for kicking back and relax while lightning a cigar and have some beers. Thought I could get along well with these guys easily. 



After 4 days of fishing, we saw some good captures on video since they have to comply with the ¨catch and release¨ rules. They could keep anything but the marlins or sailfish. There were some yellow fin tuna ready to cook though.

Some of the boatnames were funnier than others. Here´s a list.

Get a lot. Damn Yankees. Reel Xcape. Champagne Lady. Salinity. Rose. Yellow Hammer. Mad Hatter. Philosophy. Lady Simone. Smooth More. Emily Bliss. Hi-Ho. Reel Party. Hope. Amapola. Isla Mist. Reel Excuse. Della Ann. Karma. Sand dancer. Contender. Wayne´s world. Anet among others.

Well, the first place went to Charlie from Un…believable and second and third were also going for the boats of the Stuart Club. That night on stage, the President of the Club was very thankful to the authorities and the event organizers when all of the sudden he announced they were going to have a raffle. That was unexpected. And certainly the Cuban authorities at La Marina wouldn't let him to do so. Funny anyway how the microphone was off immediately afterward.

They all had a great time here aside from the temporary setbacks and the last minute renovation works conducted at La Marina. Even my cigar buddy Toby was indeed enjoying the day. Till next year, anglers.




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