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FOHcus ~ Sharing The Spotlight



Here at FOHcus, as well as occasionally blowing our own trumpet, we don’t mind blowing others' either… Wait, that didn’t come out right. Look, let’s just say that FOHcus has been created as a place where others can voice their opinions, too, not just us. Quality blogs and articles are what FOHcus is looking to promote, so that we can all immerse ourselves a little further in the Cuban cigar culture and its surrounds.

Something interesting, something funny, something well-written, something to sound a little high note for the day, or any combination of those things. If we can find it out there, then we’ll bring it to you here—

in FOHcus

So, here are just some examples of the quality blogs and magazine or review sites we know about:


Nino’s Flying Cigar

The 'Dirty' Ashes

Steve Griff

Keith's  “Lights Sirens and Cigars”


UK Cigar Scene magazine
Top shelf cigar publication, one of the best in the world.

Cigar Audit
Great review site. The serious and not-so-serious.

A little video from the Cigar Audit lads:



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