Anyone heard of a scotch called Glen Taite?


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I was at my local Sam's Club and they were offering a scotch called Glen Taite. It's a 19 year old scotch and the bottle said that it's from the makers of Macallan. The price is $99. I've googled this scotch several times and can't find anything about it. I was hoping one of our resident scotch experts might be able to provide info. on this offering. Thanks!

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I'm not sure if anyone cares or not, but I thought I'd post a follow up which might pique some interest. It appears that the Glen Taite offering is a "private label" which purchased excess aged scotch from the Macallan distillery. Macallan says that they sell off some of their aged whiskies if there isn't sufficient demand to bottle them under the Macallan label. From what I've read on Whiskey boards, it's a good whiskey and price at $99 a bottle from Sam's Club. Costco has a similar offering of a 19 year old Macallan under yet a different label for a similar price.

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