Ramon Allones Gigantes 2005


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Got up this morning, started a fresh pot of coffee, and took a look outside. What a glorious morning it was looking to be! I figured it was such a magnificent looking sunrise, I’d have a magnificent looking cigar! I grabbed the smoke out the humi, camera off the charger, and headed out back. Here’s a couple pics I snapped before putting fire to the smoke.




This was one big cigar and had beautiful construction with a golden brown wrapper and one small vein down the side. I punched the triple cap and found a perfect draw with taste of sweet tobacco. Once the foot was burning good, first draw was of sweet honey and cinnamon spice. Incredibly smooth with slight hints of coffee and/or cocoa. Strength was a good medium with an incredibly good finish.

The burn went slightly to one side at about halfway, but once ashed it corrected itself well. The smoke grew a bit in strength after the halfway mark, however continued to stay smooth with sweet tobacco and a rich, roasted nut flavor came in. I have to say this was a fantastic smoke, so much so I had to nub it!







A few pics from the afternoon…





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