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  1. Ah yes, Friday evening! Finally! Looking forward to the weekend as it’s been quite a long week. Supposed to be extremely hot and humid with temps reaching over 100F, so I’ll probably be in the A/C most of the weekend playing Left4Dead or Killer Floor with my buds! It’s not too bad out on the back porch this evening with a soft breeze and temps right at 88F. I’m putting fire to one of the new ERDM RE for Italy, which has a very smooth and oily light brown wrapper with small veins running the length. It has a good weight in the hand, is firm with no soft spots found, and with the nicely constructed tapered cap clipped, I find a perfect draw that tastes of fresh straightforward tobacco. With the foot torched and the fire burning even, I take a few puffs and then a slow, long draw. Smoke comes through in abundance and is rather thick and heavy on the palate, almost chewy with an excellent spice on the back of the throat. I would say it’s a good medium in body with very rich flavors coming through, that of fresh baked bread, sweet hay with delicious toasted nuts and hints of vanilla. The finish is excellent, long and lasting on the palate. The burn is sharp with a dense, medium to dark gray ash forming that holds strong until tapped off. A third in and the smoke is still a good medium body, flowing well through the perfect draw. I take my time taking long draws on the cigar, exhaling slowly through the mouth and nose, revealing incredibly delicious flavors that I’m thoroughly enjoying. It’s hard to believe this is a fresh cigar from 2009, tasting like well aged tobacco. Burning through the halfway point, the flavor turns to more a straightforward tobacco, but still getting that fresh baked bread taste, still quite rich on the palate with the finish downright excellent, lasting well after exhaling. The burn continues to be sharp with the ash compact and holding strong, and the draw spot on with medium-bodied smoke flowing effortlessly. What an absolutely fantastic smoke from beginning to end with perfect draw, sharp burn, rich, delicious flavor and lasting finish. If ERDM is a cigar you really like, then these will definitely be something to pick up.
  2. This cigar seems like the perfect fit for me as it’s a belicosos, which happens to be one of my favorite vitolas and is just the right length to enjoy the cigar, but not take forever. And of course, it’s a Boli! :laugh: The wrapper is very dark brown with noticeable oils and prominent veins running the length. Looking at the foot, the bunching seems like it is overfilled and the weight feels slightly on the heavy side, which both give me a little concern as to whether the draw will be good. However, with the tapered cap clipped that concern went away immediately as the draw was just right with a fresh, straightforward tobacco taste coming through. I do notice a tear in the wrapper towards the foot and what looks to be dried pectin where it was fixed, which I found strange on an EL cigar. Slowly, I put flame to the foot getting the tobacco toasty, blowing the embers for an even burn, and then a couple quick puffs to get the smoke flowing well. And flowing well it did as volumes of smoke poured through effortlessly in the perfect draw. In the first two to three draws, the smoke was quite strong, I would say full-bodied, with a black pepper type spice on the back of the tongue and throat. The flavor of the smoke is dark brown sugar sweet with a ripe red fruit and worn leather. About a half inch in, I start having trouble getting smoke through, as if the cigar wants to go out on me, which I attribute to the small tear in the wrapper. This was confirmed once the burn reaches the small tear, as the smoke begins to flow well again once it reaches it. The burn is sharp with a strong, medium gray ash forming that is slightly flaky. I’m finding the spice to have mellowed to that of a mild white pepper that hits the back of the tongue and throat just right, and the flavors are quite complex with notes of ripe red fruit, worn leather, and a smidgen of sweetened cocoa. Delicious! The finish left on the palate is semi lasting. Halfway in, the spice is still there as it makes my nostrils tingle slightly when I exhale slowly through the mouth and nose. Flavors continue to be rich and rather complex, yet I can tell the tobacco is still young from the full strength coming through, my head swims slightly from it. Well, maybe a little more than slightly. At this point, the finish is excellent upon exhale, however doesn’t last very long, rather short on the palate. Towards the end, the youth is really showing as I’m getting quite the buzz from the amount of nicotine that seems to be there. Smoke is flowing well in the perfect draw with the burn continuing to be sharp with a more lighter ash forming. I’m starting to get more of a charred wood taste the closer I get to the end, however flavors are still incredibly good on the palate when exhaling, with the finish now lasting with delicious flavor. I have no doubt that with sufficient downtime, these will be fantastic smokes. I thoroughly enjoyed this one with sharp burn and deliciously rich, complex flavors, and the finish although short through the first half, becoming incredibly good towards the end and pairing perfectly with my morning coffee. Hope everyone is having a great weekend!
  3. I look forward to you receiving them too! Oh...and HEY LISA!!
  4. Feels nice out this morning, temps in the mid 70’s and a nice breeze. Lots of sounds going on with cicadas humming, birds singing (or fighting in my blueberry bush…dagnabbit), Junebugs buzzin’…seems rather busy out here. Of course Mandy is passed out under the big loblolly pine as usual. I’ve brought out one of the new Trinidad Ts to smoke, which is the new robusto vitola that’s come out this year. The cigar is a work of art, as most Trinidads are, with a silky smooth, light golden brown wrapper with minimal veins, and perfectly constructed pigtail cap. I have sometimes wondered if they buff these cigars out before shipping as they are just…shiny. It has a good weight in the hand, very little give when squeezed (I dry boxed it prior to), and with the cap punched I find the draw perfect with a very fresh tobacco taste. With the foot torched, I blow on the embers to get an even burn and can already smell the typical Trinidad profile. After getting the smoke flowing well, I take a long draw and get a nice white pepper spice that hits the back of the tongue and throat perfectly. The smoke is coming through with a full body, powerful from the start, thinking this is probably due to it being so young. The flavor is deliciously rich, very bold with the typical floral taste I find in most Trinidads. I’m also getting notes of toasted nuts and ripe, red fruit. This cigar is fantastic. The draw has a perfect resistance, smoke flowing effortlessly and in abundance . There’s a sharp burn with a strong, medium to dark gray ash forming that is slightly flaky in spots. A third in, and I find the spice calms down slightly, however the smoke is still full-bodied and somewhat heavy on the palate, which I find unusual as most Trinidads I’ve smoked have a rather light smoke. Flavors are consistent, very rich with an incredibly delicious finish on the palate that is lasting. Yeah okay, I’m halfway in and boy oh boy is this thing kicking my butt. I’m sure some of it has to do with this nasty bug thing that I’ve had for a few days now, but still. Definitely don’t want to stand up right now. As one can already guess, the smoke continues to be very full-bodied, which I am actually thoroughly enjoying even though it’s making my head swim. A very nice spice is still coming through, hitting the back of the tongue and throat perfectly. Floral notes remain as well as toasted nuts and a hint of leather with the red fruit. The finish is lasting on the palate long after exhaling. This was a fantastic cigar from start to nubby end with sharp burn, perfect draw, incredibly delicious flavors, and very rich finish that lasted long on the palate. If the Trinidad profile is to your liking, and you get the opportunity, I would say without a doubt pick some of these up. If these are this good fresh, I can’t imagine what they will be like in a few years.
  5. Welcome back Lisa!! Good to hear you're doing better!
  6. Got up this morning, started a fresh pot of coffee, and took a look outside. What a glorious morning it was looking to be! I figured it was such a magnificent looking sunrise, I’d have a magnificent looking cigar! I grabbed the smoke out the humi, camera off the charger, and headed out back. Here’s a couple pics I snapped before putting fire to the smoke. This was one big cigar and had beautiful construction with a golden brown wrapper and one small vein down the side. I punched the triple cap and found a perfect draw with taste of sweet tobacco. Once the foot was burning good, first draw was of sweet honey and cinnamon spice. Incredibly smooth with slight hints of coffee and/or cocoa. Strength was a good medium with an incredibly good finish. The burn went slightly to one side at about halfway, but once ashed it corrected itself well. The smoke grew a bit in strength after the halfway mark, however continued to stay smooth with sweet tobacco and a rich, roasted nut flavor came in. I have to say this was a fantastic smoke, so much so I had to nub it! A few pics from the afternoon…
  7. This is outstanding! My first post in the new forum! I guess I need to go get my profile updated now.
  8. » » » Who wouldn´t go for a ride on this one?? My wife.
  9. » The unnecessary posting of pictures and/or comments that reflect poorly on » our next President here in the USA... » » » » » » » » » » » » » » With that settled - May I introduce our candidates...... » » Holy poop that made me laugh...really hard!
  10. Hello from the Sandhills of South Carolina! Welcome to FOH Dave!
  11. » love the review and the photos. for those of us downunder, can you confirm » what type of spiders? » a while since i had one but it certainly ties in with what i recall. » one thing - they came unbanded? can i ask why? i have not heard of havana » producing any unbanded LE's? Yep, that's the femail black widow, venomous little booger. I have no idea what that brown one is, but they're all around the house. 'Bout the size of a quarter, good bug catchers. I purchased the cigars from an individual that I assume got them from a certain vendor that ships bandless. I guess you can call these second hand smoke(s).
  12. Let me tell ya, there was one heck of a storm that came through last night. The wind gusts were unbelievable, sounded like a freight train coming through. Made a complete mess of the yard, and blew the pool cover completely off. Great. Got to clean more leaves out. Ah but first, why not have a nice smoke! Took me a little while digging through the wineadors trying to find something I was in the mood for. Ah, looky what I found! A Hoyo De Monterrey Piramides EL 2003! I had completely forgotten I had picked these up. Unfortunately, they came un-banded, so it’s taken away some of the ambiance, however the bands don’t make the smoke, right? This cigar had a gorgeous dark Colorado Rosado wrapper that was very oily and slightly coarse. It felt rather heavy in the hand and very little resistance when squeezed. I cut the tapered foot at an angle and found the draw to be just a tad bit on the tight side, however felt confident it would be more than sufficient for smoking. Toasting the foot, a pitch black ash formed and volumes of smoke wafted to my nose. The smell was divine! Fully charred, I gave the cigar a few good puffs to get it smoking good and took my first draw. An absolutely delicious roasted coffee bean flavor with a rich creaminess was in the smoke. Tastes of dark earth with a slight hint of cedar and a smooth, incredibly rich cocoa bean came through with a perfect black pepper spice on the back of the throat. There was an exquisite taste on the lips that I just can’t seem to put my taste buds on, a salty sweetness that somehow enhances the smoke. The sun peeked through the clouds long enough to get a couple shots of how oily the wrapper was. The smoke itself was a medium, to medium full in strength and had a perfect balance and a perfect burn, the strong ash finally falling at a third in. I kept thinking of the word rustic as I smoked on. The finish was incredibly smooth and lasting. Wonderful. At the halfway point, the rich coffee bean flavor continued with sweet roasted nuts and cocoa. The smoke remained smooth and quite cool, even when I got close to nubbing. I have to say the blender at Hoyo De Monterrey who put this cigar together new exactly what they were doing as this was one fantastic cigar. [link][/link]
  13. Hey Jon! Glad to see you my friend! Welcome!
  14. It’s a dreary feeling day with clouds, strong winds, and leaves falling all over. Cool weather is finally coming in with temps only getting up to the low 60’s today and dropping down to 40F tonight. Only thing I like about cold weather is no bugs. That and it’s nice for snugglin’ with my girls. I was in the mood for a small smoke after lunch, so picked up a Belinda Belveders from ’99. Not a very pretty smoke with a very coarse, golden wrapper and prominent veins throughout. You can see the wrapper on the foot was stretched when rolling, however the cigar was perfect as far as firmness and when cut, a perfect draw. I put fire to the foot and immediately got a full bodied smoke with strong black pepper. This little thing packed a punch! There was a good, well aged tobacco flavor with earth, wood, and underlying herbal tastes. The first third of the cigar was a good full strength, however the power started to subside after that and the black pepper on the throat died down as well. I found the smoke actually became quite smooth and picked up a hint of vanilla and what seemed like citrus. Towards the end it seemed like I was getting a mint flavor in the smoke with a strong, dark earth. I really wasn’t paying it much attention, however there was a good amount of tar that had built up in the end of the stick. Bet that tastes good, huh? This discontinued machine made was a nice treat with good flavors and a perfect burn. I will say it would definitely not be for the weak. If this thing has been aging for almost ten years and still that strong, I couldn’t imagine what kind of power it had when fresh. Whew! A little something for Halloween…

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