Por Larranaga Petit Corona OEB MAR 07


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You are on a roll Dave :clap:

I can't disagree with your review although they tend to take a little longer to come around. Look forward to everything you have described intensifying over the coming years.

I hope the Regional Relaese PL Camapana provides the same complexity in a larger format. What a treat if it achieves it :love:

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Por Larranaga Petit Corona OEB MAR 07

Denver, CO


Instant gratification review summary: WOW!

It was a little windy today so I headed inside. We are doing a family room addition and the framing and roof were recently completed. My smoking days in here are numbered, so I took advantage. :-)


This cab of 50 rested in the locker for most of the year and had 2 months of humidor time at 65 degrees/65% humidity. Again, I dry boxed for 4 days at about 50% humidity. When I first peeked into the cab, I was a little disappointed; these cigars have a greenish tinge and are not particularly beauties to look at. This one was sort of bent and fugly.



The fill was good and the draw was slightly resistive; massage helped a bit. The aroma and cold taste was sweet tobacco and cake. Turns out the cigar smoked well and effortlessly, with no burn issues at all.


See what I mean about the color? Anyway, the initial blast was outstanding with smooth creamy honey flavors. There was also a little grassy/citrus taste but it disappeared quickly. The aroma was sweet and intoxicating; Theresa was working on the windows and commented on how great the cigar smelled. Still no chance of turning the room into a mancave, however.


A beautiful ash shot (a la Nino). This cigar now has my full attention; it was never harsh but just kept delivering wave after wave of sweet toasted flavor, with aftertaste of cookie and coffee and cream.


Toward the end I definitely got into some carmel flavors, but the profile stayed light to medium and the strength never really strayed beyond medium. This cigar is like dessert; by the nub I was getting nothing but chocolate.


This cigar is high on my list of favorites and I can't see why anyone would be cabless at any time. My only problem is how to keep my greedy mitts off of them. What a sweet and awesome smoke.

Score two thumbs way up; 92-93 with potential for more aging into a classic.



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