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Hello Friends, I have poked around on the site for a few weeks now and asked myself why I have not yet joined this collection of fine, gregarious folks. Well finally I'm here and hopefully I can give a little contribution to this community and I certainly look forward to taking in from others on the site. My first cigar ever (about 13 years ago)was a Monte Lonsdale tubos and I remember even to this day the tastes and smells that I experienced. Although being from the states, Habanos are few and far between, they still measure favorably to the NCs that I widely smoke. I'm not sure if its the stories, history, and/or legends that Habanos carry with them or just because they are great smokes that I love them so much...perhaps all of the above. I do know one thing, there is nothing ever comparable to having that perfect smoke, on that perfect day, either by yourself and your thoughts or with other quality people sharing current events and conversation. Those are the good times that make up the good life.

Here's to good living!


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