Lets go Red Sox!

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I've been pretty quiet lately, but after last nights cliffhanger I have to celebrate tonight! The Red Sox came back from 7-0 to Beat Tampa! Time to Open a 2005 Girard Old Vine Zin and light up a PSP2 in celebration. Let hear it for Pedroia, JD Drew, Big Papi and the Sox!

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yeah, that was preety sick. I usually just sit back and watch the game but no BS as soon as big poppy stepped up to bat I said he was going to knock one out (and im a TB fan). I just cant grow to love wheeler.

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Great game. Boston played hard to come back. But it really looked like Tampa management threw that one away. Outfield mis cues x 3 and some poor pitching choices squandered that one for sure.

Otherwise, very exciting series...

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Ahhh, the sweet taste of victory... I'm sure all of you remember your FIRST TIME to go ALL THE WAY.

Beating the Red Sox was especially sweet, there have been plenty of cracks from the Boston media and from Red Sox fans on baseball Boards about the Rays, how they would choke, their inexperience, trashing Tampa Bay's fans and stadium, etc. (none of this from the brothers on FOH though). It is like the little brother that has been getting the crap beaten out of him finally kicking big brother's ass.

Rays and Red Sox will have a heated rivalry for years to come.


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