Kingfish Sunday

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  • 1 month later...

We had cancelled a fishing charter with Gavin a month back given bad weather but there was a window of opportunity to hit the water with some fellow Rugby coaches in an end of season get together.

Gavin told us there were plenty of Kingfish hanging around and he was right as usual with my first cast nailing a "Kingy"....and did my second...and my third.

It is not every day that the guy fishing on Fly completely out catches fellow anglers using lures (slugs, stick baits, plastics, etc). One of those days where you couldn't do anything wrong and you knew every cast had a potetial fish on it.

Kingfish hit like a train and they were initially holding solid to a "blinker". Anything overly large would just head to the below water chain...wrap the line around and snap you off. This is the first time I have used a new Tibor 10 weight Fly reel. The finest drag I have ever used as even the largest of fish struggled to make more of a few meters in the first seconds of hook up. Wind knots were another thing altogether however and the hint of a wind knot the line would snap under the strain of a decent fish. My casting produces enough wind knots by itself but the 25 knot wind certainly didin't help.

Great day all around anf thank you Gavin for another great charter














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