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Hi Members,

i have smoked and reviewed this cigar in depth, but lost my notes after pressing the review button.

so the following is a much shorter version.

Cigar was purchased today (all appointments cancelled after purchase)

this Monte sublime is very similar in many ways to its older cousin the Cohiba. flavor profile vastly different.

Wrapper - Nice dar wrapper (no sign of any oils)

Draw - nice and perfect

Burn - even with minor adjustments needed

this cost 50 aud per stick (yes the Aussie taxes hurt)

flavor profile is between a monte 2 and the Edmundo, a good solid cigar but not yet worth its cost, very young, but should improve

very mote in flavor with Grasses and a depth that is underlying but never realy emerges. medium to full body. and i am sure will improve in 12+ months.

the second third was most enjoyable with slight bitterness when this cigar burns uneven, but the balanced flavors return after the needed ajustments.

i will review in greater depth the second stick in a few weeks.


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This must be straight off the boat. They only landed a few days ago and would still be a little travel sick. I picked up a box this afternoon and the smell is glorious. I can't wait to get into them but I'll let them sit for a few weeks.

Thanks very much for the review. Youve wetted my apetitie!

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» ... but lost my notes after pressing the review button.


» I had this happen several times, so now I write up my reviews on Word and

» paste 'em. Never happened on any other site.

shrink, thank you for that. i have complained about exactly that to rob numerous times and have been told that it is a problem only suffered by me and no one else.

i do the same with the pasting but it is a big bucket of cold water to do a review and then find it disappear. most times, i can't be bothered to go again.

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i had a nice list of pics i wanted to upload but cant seem to get them up, (yes i have used the smaller size resolution.

i run through the entire upload proceedure and the system tells me its been uploaded successfully but alas no pics.

i know its brobably me but can someone help here ?

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