Tambo Cigars.....yes I spelt it correctly.

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You Bastard. What happens on the balcony stays on the balcony huh?...up until a picture of boobage ends up on the bloody internet! First you tried to get Susanna onto your couch and now this!

I'm outraged! Outraged I tell you!

Just for that, the next present I smuggle back through customs for you is going to be an Ebola-riddled monkey, assuming I don't post the picture of you and Jessica first!

Se you guys tomorrow, love to all.

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Hi from Bali,

First thank you for the informative post on our new Tambo cigars. I am posting to answer a few of the questions that you and others might have. Tambo cigars are brand new and we have just received the first 25,000 sticks for sale, thus you are among the very first to enjoy.

The name comes from the entry point to the island where we obtain our 5 year old vintage tobacco for making the Tambo cigars. Our company is Tambolaka Natural Tobaccos and Tambo is short for the exotic name Tambolaka. When we began blending our staff would always say give me a Tambo so the name stuck.

You are quite right that the smoke is much more complete than the traditional indo/latin blended cigars that some have offered before. We are quite proud of the fact that the Tambo is made of 100% indonesian tobacco from various islands and is hand rolled in the 90 year old rolling factory of Taru Martani in Jogjakarta. We have brought in a very experienced cuban rolling expert from Habana to oversee construction and to train our rolling ladies. She is a strict task mistress but the result is a fine cigar.

I smoked the vintage tobaccos of sumba in my pipe for years and finally decided that the similarities to cuban soils made for a very relaxing experience and thus it was time to bring it to everyone. All tambos include this specially processed organically grown tobacco along with fine binders and wrappers from other parts of Indonesia.

I note you purchased the perfecto size cigar. I urge you to also try the Super Robusto, comparable in size and ring to the Trinidad super robusto and if you want a truly magnificent smoking experience you should try the Gran Robusto, 62ring x 6 inches boasting the largest percentage of our vintage sumba tobacco. Punch it and enjoy the smoke as it seems to just roll out the tip. A must have for tropical nights overlooking a lovley sunset .

Happy to answer any questions at [email protected] and invite all to enjoy a tambo at our TNT (tambolaka natural tobaccos) outlet shop in Kuta, Bali next time in paradise. We have a lovely smoking lounge upstairs for all cigar aficianados to enjoy their first taste and welcome your valuable input. Tell em balibob sent you.

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Hey I just saw this thread :) Thanks for the bump... LOL...... and great pics Pres - except for the one of me... i didn't even know you took that.

I must amend my initial description Pres... I should have used the description of "minerals"... not metallic.

Pretty decent overall.

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» Hey I just saw this thread :) Thanks for the bump... LOL...... and great

» pics Pres - except for the one of me... i didn't even know you took

» that.


» I must amend my initial description Pres... I should have used the

» description of "minerals"... not metallic.


» Pretty decent overall.

Hi Rob,

I know what you mean about the slight metallic like taste. This is something I always noted in most indonesian cigars and I think came with the use of non aged tobaccos from java. I also have a second line of cigars we call Java Country and they are all javanese. Many people like them as they are a pretty easy smoke, but I note the slight metallic after taste on them. I think the vintage tobaccos we blend into the Tambos adds a more round flavor that rather than masking the taste carries it to a much more finished place. Just my humble opinion of course.

The other thing the vintage tobacco gives you is a incredibly relaxing smoke. I have always noted this in my enjoyment of Trinidads and Cohibas over the years and when I started smoking pipe bowls several years ago of Tambolaka tobacco I found this same effect only carried to the power of 10! I warn my customers, don't smoke my tambo pipe tobacco while driving because I cannot even walk well after ten minutes of Tambo smoke. I have heard discussions about the lithium in the limestone soils of Cuba and I believe the same special elements come together in Sumba as well. Plus the long aging with the leaves bound together in 3 meter sticks obviously concentrates the effects.

I love my Gran Robustos as they are made up of 20% tambolaka vintage tobacco and let me assure you that one hour shared with one of these 62 ring beauties is an experience. I sit on the patio of my villa overlooking the rice terraces most evenings and light up. The cares of the day seem to drift off somehwere to be replaced by the breezes of Tambolaka. This is a labor of love for me. Glad I can share it and as I said before, don't come to bali without stopping to see me for a free stick we can enjoy in our smoking club, Pipe Dreams. Look forward to meeting you soon...balibob

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Just out of interest I fnd it very interesting when manufacturers go through their thought processes in how the concept for a cigar comes together. As long as no direct request for sales are made then we can only benefit from the insights. I know it is a fine line but we gain an understanding of the worth of a man in how he treads it.

So, thank you Bob. Out of interest how did you find this thread? :lol:

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  • 1 month later...

Al brought these back from his honeymoon in Indonesia. Luck would have it that Rob Cappuccio(Rob on the FOH forum) and his future wife Georgie :-D (It's been 10 years Rob...marry the girl!)

were on the deck along with Arthur and Smithy. Actually the day prior they were also on the deck with Al and his wife Susanna. Great afternoon had by all but somehow this photo turned up on my camera....I blame Al who took the photo of Susanna.


Anyway......back to the cigars.

Tambo from Indonesia. I haven't been a fan of Indonesian cigars in the past mostly beacause they are crap :-D

Still....never look a gift horse in the mouth ;-)

Rob was not convinced.


Picture of Georgie enjoying a Ranier Custom


Arthur checking his stocks....all in the red last Friday...getting use to Indonesian cigars :lol:


Smithy is impressed.


Construction perfect. Aroma mild tobacco...slightly sweet. Texture of wrapper ...touch rough but oils present.





I couldn't write this description. Hats off to the marketing department (please send resume to [email protected]) :-)


Flavours at the get go are mid mild...very creamy although Rob noted some metallic notes which were absent on mine. I must say I was impressed. I was expecting murky crud ...spice but no midsection. The reality was different. Very creamy midsection if simple tobacco flavours.

Ash tight and white.

85/100 5/10 Smokerings but a nice change of pace.



The final two thirds were mirrors of the first . Take a weakish milk coffee stirred with two teaspoons of sugar and you have this cigar. Not an ounce of bitterness. Smooth as sik but lacking a any form of complexity.

I have dinner at Al and Susannas tomorrow night so I will take the balance to sample with Al,Ken and Warren. I am looking forward to it ;-)

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