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» C:WINDOWSBureaufor foh.bmp

Hi, that is a link to your local machine. The link won't work for anybody else unless we have exactly the same directory names and file already on our computer.

One good thing about it though, it keeps your computer secure. :-)

A word of advice, it's good practice not to put too much stuff into your Windows directory, it's an important one.

Use "My documents" instead.

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Edit: It appears you figured this out, but I'll leave this up anyway.

You'll want to upload your picture to a photo site such as photobucket.com (not trying to plug them, it's just the first I thought of). After you get that uploaded, you can simply copy the URL, which is listed with the pictures on that site, then use the "Image" button on the right. Put the URL for your picture between the two bracketed items, and voila!

I can't speak for the other image sharing sites, but photobucket actually puts the image language into a space that you can just click on and paste into the boards here.


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