Partagas 8-9-8 V GSO MAY 07

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My first go with this cigar.

Construction: Felt perfect with a textbook foot bunch. Head under cap looked just a bit tightly packed.

Firm with no anomalies over it's length.

Wrapper: Medium colorado. Smooth, relatively dry, and fairly mottled. No oil to speak of.

Pre light draw / aroma: Aroma of barnyard funk. Draw just slightly firm with a distinct sweetness.

Draw: Draw overall was just on the firm side. Smoke volume early was acceptable, but I would have

liked better. Draw remained the same over the course of the smoke, but smoke volume improved

dramatically past mid point. Burn was excellent.


First third: Hard saddle leather, damp earth, some dark stewed fruit. No spice to speak of. A finish of

somewhat dry cedar and leather. Some intermittent ripples of amaretto.

A mouthfeel (not flavor) of a chocolate truffle melted in the mouth. Thick and coating.

Mid third: What fruit there is starts to subside, damp earth starts to come forward, with the leather remaining.

Some hints of white pepper. A few green notes make their presence felt.

Started out and remains a full bodied cigar.

Final third: Damp earth and white pepper. Green notes pick up as well leaving a little tingle on the tongue.

Other flavors have fallen by the wayside. Full bodied, earthy tobacco.

Overall, not much in the way of nuance, so any attempt at more detail would be superfluous.

Score: 88

Comments: If you are looking for a full bodied cigar to smoke now, this may fit the bill, but in my opinion,

the future potential is boundless. A great cigar.

Something that nagged at me just a bit, especially early on - to my palate, this could have been wearing

an RA, or to a lesser degree, Bolivar band. I'm looking forward to the next.

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Thanks for your take on the MAY 07 example of this great cigar.

I haven't yet tried an '07, but I can attest that the early 2006 versions are smokin' great. These cigars have the balls to go the distance, and need a few years to "digest" the tannins and other substantial congeners that are integral to this blend.

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» This cigar certainly has the stuffing to age - it reminded me of the '06

» Cohiba Piramide

» EL in that regard, but to a lesser extent.

» I wish I had gotten around to trying this one sooner.

Great review. These are one of my favorites and I am currently working my way (slowly) through a ten count box.

Great ageing potential. Partagas is probably my favorite brand. Although I like diversity. . .

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You prodded me to try an 06 after reading this Colt. It was much the same...first third had plenty of smoke volume...great lush mouth feel with dark cherry in there somewhere. It kind of gave up on me in the last 3rd. I was hoping it would have came along a little further. Still an excellent cigar. Couple more years and I'll bet it knocks my socks off. Prez the Connie 3's are excellent. I have been having great times with Connie 2 and 1 also. Exceptionally good. In fact all the Partagas I have are smoking very well.

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Alright, Colt . . . that's two dalias down, few more to go. What's gonna be next, the Siglo V or the Inmensa?

I smoked one of these as well a few weeks ago, same box code, and absolutely LOVED it. In my limited experience, it's the best I've smoked, and I've been seriously considering buying another couple of boxes and tucking them away.

Great review . . . :ok:

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I am an 2 inches into a '04 Partagas 898. The draw is a touch loose, but not detrimental. The cigar is a beautiful chocolate hue with a nice sheen of oils. A beautiful dimple under the cap when serrated. I'm getting spice on the lips, a dank fruit..almost dried prunes, but it isn't as pronounced as what you've described. Rich cocoa and cream. Hints of licorice. This example is medium full in body and strength wise it is a 7 out of 10. Very earthy and mouth-coating as yours was. Mine however, does not remind me of anything but Partagas -- I'm assuming because there isn't as much of the dark, dank fruit flavors you encountered. The 898 shows no sign of slowing down and it's a damn shame I'm halfway through this box. To me, it shows more promise than recent D4's. By the sounds of your review, the recent 07s should be on the same track as these 04's.

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It's great to read all the follow ups - thanks. Austin, you are correct. I think I was expecting a sandalwood /

sweet spice kind of profile along the lines of the SduC 3, and the damp earth and stewed fruit threw

me off. But it's my fault for having a preconceived notion going in.

This one just moved to the top of the list.

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I have a box of 2001's and they have been a big dissapointment. No problem with construction but very much lacking in flavor. Like most 01 cigars I have tried I continue to be underwhelmed by that year.

» Has anyone tried them from 2001 or have a box from 2001? how are they

» smoking? thanks

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