Trinidad Fundadores 2000....Thanks Jason!

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Great review!. :ok:

Jase has been bugging me for the last 8 months to try it but we never find the time.

After reading your review, I'll be knocking on his door with a bottle of red in my hand very soon... :hungry:

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Thank you El Prez for hosting a great dinner in Sydney. The Funi is the least I can do as a way of thanks.

I have been curious about the 2000 Funi since I had a 04 Funi. Now if only I can slot in sometime for a side by side comparison.

Once again, Thank you.

PS: The rest of the guys from the Sydney night, waiting for your reviews of the SLR DC :-D

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  • 7 months later...

Jason generously gifted me this 2000 Trinidad Fundadores at our Sydney dinner held near 7 weeks ago now. I promised to review it and smoke it sometime special. Well, I wanted to review it before I left for Chile/Havana/Tahiti but time ran away from me. Being the moron I am I decided to take the Trini Fundadores with me in my 5 cigar otterbox which I took fishing each day while in Chile. So this Trini came with me….Chile…”too good to smoke here”….then Havana….”can’t review without a camera”…..then Tahiti…”might as well wait until I get home”. I doubt many cigars have the frequent flyer points this cigar has piled up.




Slight tea and toast aroma at cold. The wrapper is slightly nondescript…a tad dry (possibly travel induced) with minimal oils. Construction looks and feels good but I lost the pigtail to the cap somewhere between here and Casa Hector.

Clipped the cap and the draw is as I prefer. Slight pull. Flavours of black tea and cinnamon toast on the pre light draw.

Fired up the foot and committed myself to taking this cigar slowly. Light medium bodied opening of long dry grass stalks and fresh baked bread. No spice through the nose or on the palate. I swear there is some marmalade on the fringes of the flavour spectrum but the sensation is illusive…focus on it and it is gone. Through the first half inch and slowly building in body/weight on the palate. Now just shy of pure medium but the flavours are becoming more concentrated. Black tea, elements of eucalyptus honey but a core of bready/sponge cake. Such a soothing cigar.


Entering the second third and we have reached medium body/weight and the flavour profile remains very much the same. While maintaining the sponge cake core and peripheral sweetness the tea is morphing more into a dark roast black coffee. In no way does the black coffee overpower the other flavours but rather accentuates them through a point of difference. Cool, slow burning cigar. The aroma is woody tinged with sweet tobacco spice.


The crescendo is the final third. Each flavour becomes amplified and the end result is a chorus of perfect balance and flavour intensity. While the weight of the cigar on the palate remains the same…the flavour wheel is distinct and punchy. For the first time I discern some pepper spice in the palate (but nothing through the nose). This is a mature cigar and this final third reminds me a little of the Trinidad Ingenios.

Immensely enjoyable and a great cigar to sit on the deck with and reminisce. Thanks Jason!



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