What\'s your take on 07 Partagas D4?

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How are your 2007 PSD4's smoking? I have had a couple disappointing boxes from 2006, but received some feedback that these are better either younger or after about 18 months they should age until at around 36 months to start to come back to life. It has made me a little hesitant to pull the trigger on a box of 2007's. Any recent experiences positive or negative?

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I have two boxes of OEB Mar07. Tried one stick about 4 months ago, and it was sick...so I've left the rest untouched. I vac-sealed the second box this afternoon.

I have read (not to dispute your 18/36mo findings) that the sick period of PSD4's ranges generally from a couple months after boxing until at least a year. I will revisit the first box in a couple of weeks. PSD4's are so good though that you shouldn't hesitate ever.

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The last box of D4's I bought was in early 2006. I was expecting them to be strong, sweet and peppery like all previous ROTT D4's, but I was surprised, and disappointed. They were medium-bodied and very smooth, as if they were aged. Then I realized that the aged tobaccos that were making all the other 2006's so good had ruined the D4's. At least for me. I sold the box, and haven't bought any since.

Here's to hoping that Habanos has learned it's lesson with the D4!

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I will revisit the first box in a couple of weeks. PSD4's are so

» good though that you shouldn't hesitate ever.

Thanks PartagasIV, I'd love to know how it goes when you revisit the box.

Sounds like we had the same issue shrink. It is hard to get a read on things with all the hype around the PSD4. I love them when they are good, but after having a few really good ones I find them really hard to smoke when they are mediocre. Ah, the curse (and joy) of a good cigar!!!!

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My 06 box is getting better (ABR06) each time I sample one. I don't think the D4 smokes as well young as the Bolivar RC from the same date, but that's just my experience...

I carry three robustos in my humidor (Bolivar PC, the Partagas D4, and the Cohiba Robusto) -- the order listed is my preference for this sized cigar. As I stated above, IMO, the D4 needs a couple years to get going...

FWIW, I have a box coming this week of Vegas Robaina Famosos as I liked what I smoked last year from a friend's humidor. Strength-wise, I believe they are similar to the Cohiba. If I don't like them, I have a built-in trading partner who is a big-time VR fan and he has a huge and well-stocked Habano humidor, and enjoys trading...

And, if the Famoso doesn't pass my personal taste meter (which many of my Habano friends think is off-base to begin with), I plan to purchase a box of Ramon Allones Specially Selected; I've always liked their unique flavor and almost full strength presentation...


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