H. Upmann Conni No 1 LRL NOV001

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» Great review and great room! Is the room ventilated in any way?

There is a ceiling fan, and a set of patio doors that are just out of the picture (leading to my favored smoking spot, the patio by the pool!). That's it for venting.

I rarely smoke more than three cigars in a week in the house, so things don't get too stinky. I'd rather be on the patio when the weather's nice.

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These really can be a great treat! I scored some boxes in Europe a few years with 2000 codes. They have many of the traits I love about the Sir Winstons but in a smaller format which helps if I don't have time for a large cigar.

I recently tried some '05s and while not yet developed offered some youthful similarities.


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H. Upmann

Connoissuer No. 1


This example was like every other cigar in the box, perfect. Not a blemish, soft spot, crack or lump. Smooth, medium brown wrapper with a nice oily sheen and a perfectly applied triple cap. Based upon how firm the cigar was, and how obviously tightly bunched the foot appeared, I was hoping to get a good draw.



Snipped the cap with my trusty scissors, to find a slightly firm but completely acceptable draw... nice.


Prelight smell was honey smeared over fresh baked, yeasty bread. I let the wife have a sniff, and she commented that it smelled exactly like the wildflower honey some friends sent us from Hawaii. She even grabbed the jar from the pantry to let me compare, spot on.


As evidenced by the dead batteries in the ashtray, I had to feed the camera to get the rest of the shots! First inch or so was all leather, with a touch of the sweet honey, and is light/medium in body. By the two inch mark, the honey blended with a nice floral taste and a little white pepper spice on the lips and cigar has moved solidly into the medium body category.


The cigar stumbled abruptly at about the halfway point, losing the subtle complexity it had, leaving only a somewhat bland leather taste. I was looking at it with some disappointment, wondering if it would regroup for the finale.


Final third, and the cigar has bounced back with a nice tea-like floral taste... finally finishing off with a small blast of cracked red pepper at the end.

Definately no construction issues, cigar never required any sort of touch up. If I had to rate it, I'd give it a 77 out of 100. Other examples from this box that didn't have the flat bit in the middle, easily attain a rating in the 84/86 range.

On another note... since getting my new Avallo humi, we've converted it's home to my official smoking den, here's some pics!





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