San Cristobal El Principle


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Note: This is only my second attept ever to review a cigar and I am still developing the ability to discern flavors so any input anyone else has on this cigar would be appriciated.

Size 111 with a ring gauge of 42

Intitial feel no hard spots but maybe just little loose.

Pre-light draw good air flow with bit of coffee and leather taste.

Produced a lot of smoke, not as loose as I expected but little bit under filled. Coffee and spice dominate flavors from start to finish. after first 1/3 of inch a leathery taste developed and slowly increased as I got further into the cigar.

Burn was a bit off but I was out side on a very windy day and had to keep changing my grip to keep the burn even. the dark grey ash would hold for about an inch before falling off.

This was my first San Cristobal and the strength of it caught me by suprise, I am still buzzing a bit after nubbing it 20 minutes ago. This was much stronger than the Siglo I I had yesterday.

Over all a very pleasing smoke, but in need of some more aging (march 06 vintage) this has the potential to join the Siglo I and Monte 4 as one of my more regular smokes.

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Nice review. I agree that the strength of these caught me off guard. I was expecting a much more mild-med. body and what I experienced was closer to med into full body, very tasty smokes though. Mine were also 06 not sure of the month though and I think I only have 1 left out of the 5 I started with.

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Thanks for the review. I've nearly finished my box from Dec05, and I have found that they are more approachable now (why does that always happen when I'm towards the end of the box ?). All of my cigars have had a draw that's too easy for my liking and are a bit underfilled. I really agree that these cigars can pack a punch and catch you off guard.

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