Vegueros Especials No. 2 FDO USU (Blind Tasting)

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Vegueros Especials No. 2 FDO USU (Blind Tasting)

A cigar group that I belong to is doing a blind tasting of 9 cigars over the course of the summer, this was cigar #3 in the tasting. All of the cigars came from Rob, and his team did a superb job of helping us put this tasting in place. There are 15 reviewers who are all seasoned Havana smokers and no reviews were released to the reviewers until all were submitted. Here is a short recap


96+ 1vote

90-95 5 votes

86-89 5 votes

80-85 1 vote

75-79 0 votes

74- 2 votes

NA 1 vote

”I expected a loose draw and that I'd have to slow way down with this cigar but this was not the case. After I cut it open I found the problem, a stem the size of a pencil lead that was twisted up with the fillers. I'm sure this lead to the bitterness and lack of smoke.”

”Once lit the cigar generated a good deal of smoke. I would describe this cigar a medium in strength with initial flavors of roasted nuts, hints of bread yeast and an underlying woodiness. I found the flavor profile very pleasing and consistent throughout the entire smoke. At times I detected sweetness on my palate. The finish dropped off a bit faster than I expected given the initial concentration of flavor on the palate. The burn was perfect throughout the smoke and the ash was almost black.”

”The cigar started with good, but not particularly strong flavor. The flavor immediately made me think Cohiba (and not Montecristo or Vegueros, the only other brands it could be, based on its size). Indeed, without resorting to MRN ("bean") vocabulary, I can't think of a better way to describe the flavor than Cohiba flavor. It was a little mild for the first 2/3 of the cigar, but both the flavor and strength improved in the last third. I enjoyed this cigar.”

” along good power and great flavor especially when exhaling through the nose. Big, bold leather and earthy tobacco flavors. Flavors didn’t change so much as they just seemed to get more pronounced. I like this cigar.”

”The flavor was woody with herbal undertones. The cigar stayed consistent through out, with the final third even heavier on the herbal side. Overall this was a light enjoyable cigar, which I would not mind for an a.m. smoke.”

”I lit it up and got volumes of smoke and then noted salty pungent fish immediately. The hope of smoking pleasure dashed. Later the cigar developed some burning toenail notes followed by pungent ammonia. It finished as it started with the salty pungent fish.

This cigar was rolled great. Whoever is giving this roller the filler should be shot.”

” The pre-light aroma was leathery tobacco, with a touch of the ‘barnyard’. Upon lighting, I was treated to a cigar on the fuller side of medium, in both flavor and strength. The cigar was somewhat tannic, which made me feel it could have good aging potential. However, it wasn't so tannic as to be un-enjoyable; it just wasn’t what I consider a ‘refined’ cigar at this age. A little black pepper spice stood out, but otherwise I would just describe this as an old-school Havana.”

“The final word: I felt the same way about this cigar as I felt about the best Lusi I ever smoked -- what a great background cigar. A truly good smoke that, but for its subtlety, could also have been fully satisfying. What I wouldn't give for this cigar at its full potential (assuming it wasn't there now and assuming the potential developed in the way I imagined it could). “

”Upon lighting, the initial flavors were woody in nature but with primarily a straight-forward tobacco flavor. The ash was a light gray, and the cigar burned fairly evenly throughout its length. After the first inch or so, flavors of black spice, loam, and roasted walnuts began to assert themselves. I definitely would buy more of these cigars if available...tasty!”

”A very nice cigar. Easy light. Excellent draw. Even burn. Gray-black flaky ash with TONS of billowy white smoke. Started with grass and woodsy flavors. In the first third, flavors of freshly-sawed wood, grass, and musty tobacco were evident, mixed with hints of white pepper, floral notes, and a touch of melon. The middle third saw a continuation of floral and wood flavors with a distinct herbal quality, dry cocoa, cinnamon, and a hint of nutmeg. A slight menthol flavor seemed to dance in and out, and by the end of this third, a mild tangy flavor was also noticed. In the last third, the floral, grassy, and herbal profile intensified, and by the very end, bitterness was detectable.! All in all, this one hour medium-bodied smoke was delightful, complex, and rich.”

“Good firm feel. The construction may be the best part of the cigar surpassing the flavors. I have only seen three or four cigars that draw and burn as good as this one. I never touched it with my torch like I do with all cigars. I’m searching to describe the flavors. Mostly earth and pepper on the beginning.”

“Rich tobacco taste noticed at first light. The cigar is medium in body with lots of smoke produced from its perfect draw. I would consider this a "full" flavor cigar as well. A slight tanginess is beginning to blend with the very RICH tobacco flavor. Initial impression is that this is NOT young tobacco. A spiciness is beginning to blend in with some cocoa and coffee bean notes dancing around the fruity tanginess. Draw/burn remain perfect”

”Very saline/bitter like wiping out on a wave and getting a mouthful of salt water. At 2":going from bad to worse. Other than excellent construction and burn, this cigar has nothing to offer me. If this was all there is I would quit smoking cigars. It would require the palette of a jack-ass to continue with this "pos" and I quickly cut it into small pieces and flushed the contents of my ashtray”

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What a diverse result :-)

Just great work mate. I hope you are enjoying the "tasting series"

The Vegueros Especial No 2 is a rarely smoked cigar. I think it deserves a little more attention but it is the only Vegueros that I occasionally reach for.

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Interesting reviews, the flavors were sort of all over the road, yet almost everyone agreed that the construction was good. I noticed serveral people commented on a "salty" taste. I have never smoked this brand before, guess that one of these days I'll have to change that status.

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» Interesting reviews, the flavors were sort of all over the road, yet almost

» everyone agreed that the construction was good. I noticed serveral people

» commented on a "salty" taste. I have never smoked this brand before, guess

» that one of these days I'll have to change that status.

after having smoked some of the #2's and #1's from this line they definitely have the same sort of salty taste that the sancho panza line has. so far i have enjoyed the #1's over the #2's though.


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