Welcome Back Lisa!

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I walked into CZAR House this morning and found an angel at the desk yelling at me about something I did wrong.

Great to have her back :ok:

Thankyou for looking after her gentlemen.

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Welcome back Lisa, traveler of the world and all types of places from the dry desert to the tall skyscrapers, able to leap great oceans in a single bound and keep all these customers in line and happy! Rob don't ever let her get away!

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margarita in one hand, or maybe it's two,

she'll be touching down in a city near you.

she's lovely, she's charming, she is quite a thinker,

and oh, it's been said, that she is quite the drinker.

charging up sums of the highest amounts,

heard to say "not to worry, it's on expense account".

entertained, entertaining, good times had by all,

but as cinderalla at the end of the ball,

good times came to pass, time came for to leave,

back on to a plane, a farewell and a wave.

so now she's back home,

with quite the work list -

welcome back Lisa, you were surely missed!

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» Welcome back, Lise. Always good to have you back.

Are you as thrilled to be back as everyone else is to have you back???:-D

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