VEGAS BABY!!!!!! Vegas GTG part one :)

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I had a great time meeting and talking with the real people behind the screen-names. One of the primary reasons that I am on-line in the first place. Carolyn and I want to thank everyone for being there and welcoming us so warmly into the whole group. I hope to meet up with more of you in the future.:-)

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Nice pics, Jeff!

It was nice meeting you and Joe, and hanging out for a while. We definately should have made plans to spend at least another day up there. Mr. and Mrs. Cigardawg, it was a pleasure meeting you as well, same to Stan, Spud2, and everyone else who's name I can't remember. Hopefully we all get a chance to do it again soon.

If any of you are ever planning a trip westward, make sure to let us know! :-D

I also have to say, that Lisa is truly one of the good ones... Rob give that girl a raise, she is an excellent Czar representative.


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Here are the long overdue photos of the Vegas GTG (herf for you cigar guys ....... what ever that means :rotfl: :rotfl: :rotfl: )

I got to Vegas early Sunday with my cousin Joe and waited for Lisa to arrive for lunch. We enjoyed a wonderful lunch at Red8 in the Wynn hotel.

Lisa at the table .................


Cousin Joe (Batman) and a few early beers :-D


Me and Lisa


Lisa shopping .......... shes is a PRO at shopping, dont get in her way :rotfl:


Now to the evening event :-D :-D :-D

(im not going to ID everyone here because im not sure whos log-in name is who's and we all know that some people are on the most wanted list :rotfl: :rotfl: :rotfl: )





Who could these be??????:-P


Now we know:wink:


I want to take the chance here to thank Rob, Lisa and the rest of the gang here at FOH for welcoming me over to the cigar side of things ........ im found mostly over at the watch side moderating those idiots (WIS's .......... the watch idiot savants) :rotfl:

Do you guys have idiots here? I guess they would be CIS's if you do :-D

Thats it for part one, we changed bars (are you getting a pattern here:confused: ) and waited for Rob to arrive from Cuba in part two :-D

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