Romeo y Julieta Cazadores

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Romeo y Julieta Cazadores

Reviewed: 7/16/2006

Length: 162mm, 6 3/8 inches

Ring: 17.07mm, 44

Vitola: Cazadores

Origin: Cuba

Box Code: FDO Nov 03

This past weekend, I had a couple of guys (Professor Twain, Sir Diggamus, and Pyro) come by Sunday afternoon to kick back, relax smoke a few cigars and talk. The afternoon started off with everyone smoking a couple of different cigars to warm up everyone’s palate while we watched a Video on the Buena Vista Social Club. I announced that I thought it would be an excellent opportunity for all four of us to smoke a cigar in a “Blind Taste Test” after the Documentary. It is interesting to note that of the four of us, I was the only one that knew what the cigar was and I was the only one that had smoked this cigar before. What this means, is that the following comments were made unknowing of what the cigar was other than it was Cuban and that it had been aging in my humidor for a little over 2 years..

The Cazadores was well constructed with a medium brown Colorado wrapper. The cigars had a few minor veins but nothing that would obstruct the potential of the smoking experience. Everyone used a double guillotine cutter to clip the triple caps and on the pre-draw it was noted that there was not much taste other than tobacco that was noticed. Everyone commented that the draw was very nice, not too tight nor loose, but just right. Then the fun began when the lighters began firing up the feet and the cigars were lite.

At this point, I am going to give the unbiased reviews of the smokers..

Professor Twain:

This cigar started off medium to strong, with a hint of citrus which continued throughout the first one third. During the second third of this cigar the citrus taste intensified, along with a strong leathery tobacco taste. The cigar also grew stronger, strong enough that my lips occasionally became numb. During the final third of the cigar, it became extremely strong, with a very pronounced tobacco taste. During the final two inches, this cigar increased in strength to the point of harshness, despite the fact that I had purged it every few inches. While I often smoke my cigars to the nub, this one had thoroughly kicked my butt, and I was ready to cry "Uncle". Only my pride and desire to show my friends that I had a pair between my legs kept me going. Finally, after several long drinks of water, I found that my one inch stub had gone out, and I gratefully allowed this cigar to go to the Great Ash Tray in the Sky.

Sir Diggamus:

I toasted the foot of the cigar for a only a short time to get it going. It drew easily but not loose and was producing a large cloud of smoke immediately. After the fourth or fifth draw the taste of wood stared to come out. After a few more puffs it turned slightly sweet like cedar and the burn was near perfect. Through the next five or six draws the taste slowly changed to a roasted coffee flavor, not strong like an espresso but more like a Kenya AA, slightly sweet and nutty. At this point I could feel the full body of this cigar. The very strong body blended well with roasted and now smokey flavors. The taste of smoked almonds came through strong just as I was having this thought. I could tell this was going to be a cigar to remember.

Unfortunately this was where the strength of this cigar caught up with me. I started to feel a little light headed and my stomach told me to SLOW DOWN!! Chuck looked over and asked "what are you experiencing?" All I could bring myself to say was "STRONG!" I thought a beer might help. Nope! This cigar was kicking my ass!! I was only able to smoke just past the first third before I needed to go outside for some air. I threw in the towel. It could have been not eating in six or so hours or smoking a 7 1/2 in cigar just before this one, but whatever it was I became sick and was began plotting to get to a bed soon…


My first impression was that this would be a great smoke. The wrapper was silky and smooth with one small vein. The scent was heavenly before I even lite it up. As I clipped the end and did my pre-light draw I tasted a fine woody and leathery taste with a tinge of spice. As I lite the foot it took the fire easily and burned nice and even. The first 1/3 was very pleasant and tasty with a nice woody flavor, not as complex as some others I have smoked, but pleasant just the same. The second 1/3 was even better then the first, more complexity and new flavors added to the woody flavor. Here a roasted nutty and mushroom flavor came in very nicely. The last 1/3 was the best of all. Full flavor and body came in like a champ, a nice creamy flavor added to the already complex mixture of flavors and the strength kicked up a notch and made this a treat to enjoy.


The cigar brought out a large volume of sweet woody smoke and full bodied tobacco flavors from the get go. While predominantly still one dimensional, it did evolve a little at times displaying a fungal essence bordering on mushrooms and cedar. Notes of citrus and leather danced in between the overall woody tobacco taste. The cigar was never harsh or bitter to me through out but after the first half; the body was in full all out power, a strong flavorful slap you up side the head and call me Sally Strong bodied cigar. I believe that some people do not differentiate between Strength and flavor with this cigar. Besides the strong woody tobacco flavor, the over all flavor was medium, but the body of this cigar is pure strength. The Romeo y Julieta Cazadores is a powerhouse of strength and a classic example of what a Full bodied Habanos really is. With additional aged, the body will subside and the sweetness and flavors will be more pronounced on the palate, yet even at almost 3 years old, this is a very enjoyable cigar.

To bring this all together, let me share a few of the comments by the reviewers.

Professor Twain:

In summary, the first half of this cigar was strong and enjoyable, a nice change of pace from my usual cigars. If it had stopped there, this could be a nice cigar to have on occasion. The second half of this cigar was akin to my experience with smoking a young Opus X--very strong and without any redeeming flavor. This was a three year old cigar--maybe with a few more years, the Dr. Jekyll side of this cigar will grow and the Dr. Hyde side will fade away.

Sir Diggamus:

I really enjoyed the piece of this cigar I was able to smoke. The draw was near perfect, the body and strength were FULL and flavors were complex and matched perfectly to the body of this cigar. I would recommend this one to those who like fuller bodied cigars. I think I will re-visit this cigar but next time I will make sure I pack a lunch.


Anyone want to do a Box Split?


Professor Twain: 3 Smoke Rings = An average cigar

Sir Diggamus: 5 Smoke Rings = A excellent cigar

Pyro: 4 Smoke Rings = A very good cigar

Tampa: 4 Smoke Rings = A very good cigar

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This was an outstanding set of reviews. Comparing and contrasting the various experiences helps bring the cigar into focus. It's also an more interesting read than a single review. Let's see more of these.

Thanks to Chuck, and your panel of masochists!

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Shrink, I admire your diagnostic acumen, the three blind smokers definitely earned the masochist label. Tampa also definitely deserves the diagnosis of sadist for springing these on us blind, after we had already smoked at least two cigars each, and before dinner. But he is generous to a fault, and so we can forgive him a bit of mischief.

This was really fun to do, and I thank Tampa for his generosity and his general guidance along the Way of the Leaf.

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