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picked up a few of these from Rob just over 12 months ago as single sticks. found them okay but nothing too exciting and had two left that got put aside. tried one last night and stunned by the transformation. it had turned into a delicious richly flavoured but in no way over-the-top, very creamy number with milk chocolate and gentle spices. This had much more to it than i expected. Flavours kept up right through and a good slow consistent burn. Some dark coffee but the creamy richness was the feature and kept up right through. 92. i don't know the original age of the sticks when i got them but assumed young. one year has done them the world of good.

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I love Mag 46's. Never had any with serious age but I had a really good young box that I ahven't gone into in a while. Might be time for a visit.

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I find this to be encouraging. I also have a couple of singles left and had a similar smoking experience as you described with your earlier sticks. The only problem is that I still have about 10 months to wait for a good year to have passed. Thanks for the info.

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Interesting story hour. ;-)

Bought an '05 box of these and was letting them rest over several months.

Consequently split a box of SIG VIs (04s I think) with a friend. Smoked one of the SIG VIs and thought it good but need resting.

Smoked one of the Mag 46s and was blown away. Closed the box and am letting these babies sit for as long as I can.

Maybe just my taste preferences but I really preferred the Mag 46.

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