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I was pondering today what is better left sitting and what is better smoked now?

It seems most people agree that a few years in a stable environment make for a better smoke, In reading some of the posts lately it seems that there are some cigars that people like to smoke young. I am still pretty new to the Habanos world and want to start putting a few sticks away here and there for aging and was wondering what about which ones will show the most promise.

What cigars do you like to smoke young?

Which ones seem to show the most benefit from a few years rest?

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» What cigars do you like to smoke young?


» Which ones seem to show the most benefit from a few years rest?


This is a question of personal taste. Some people enjoy the rough edge of a fresh cigar, while other prefer the subtle nuances and complexity of aged cigars. There is no absolutes to the questions you ask.

Young cigars can be any where from one month from box code to about two years. Aged cigars basically begin around 3 years and above.

Just my humble opinion, but ALL cigar benefit from aging them because as the tobacco matures, it brings out the complexities that the Master Blender crafted and hoped would be enjoyed.

My personal taste enjoy young Partagás PSD4's and Shorts, Also Vegas Robaina Famosos young these days are very enjoyable. I have heard that RASS are smoking quite well young, but I can tell you that it becomes a totally different cigar when aged that is sublime. Other than that, smoke what you like, and experiment around with all sorts of different cigars to find what brings your palate the flavors that you enjoy the best. Buy some that are aged and try them, buy young cigars and age them, buy cigars and smoke them, that is going to be the true test for you, but one thing remains constant, BUY MORE CIGARS!

Rob & Lisa will take good care of you. If you have a question, please remember to send them a note and ask, if the cigars you are asking about are not up to standard, they will be honest with you and help you make another selection.

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Thanks guys!! I was looking at the PSD4 's for a while now. I just recived one in a trade and am looking forward to smoking it.

Thanks for the "BUY MORE CIGARS" advise Chuck. I think I have been doing a pretty good job now that my wife wants me to take a personality test to see if I have Habanos OCD. :lookaround:

Shrink or Professor I may need your help!:rotfl:

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